The market is loaded with OPPORTUNITY.

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No matter what the market does in any given year (up 15%, down 15%, or flat) there are always dozens and dozens of stocks that go up 100% or more.

Our job (OK, my job) is to find those.

Another way to think of this is the market is a rolling wealth creating machine.

No industry or business can grow 100% per year forever. But, even in a recession, there are probably 50–100 companies and several industries that have a new cycle, a new product, or a new service that will grow by leaps and bounds for a year or two.

This is a fact in the business world every single year.

The beauty about trading and investing is we can be in any industry or company with a push of a button.

Unlike many changes in life…there is no messy divorce, we don’t have to move, there is no commute, we don’t have to learn a new language, we don’t have to learn a new trade, we don’t lose our pension or health insurance, we don’t lose any friends.

Another wonderful aspect about what we do? We usually know if we made a good investment within a month or two, and if we did mess up…we can change again (sell stock A and buy stock B).

Use this incredible freedom and easy of being flexible to your advantage.

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