We all can’t work for our ideal/dream company, but we all can invest in and trade our ideal/dream company and have them work for us.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Google gets 50,000 resumes each and every week. This is telling. Clearly this is a dream/ideal company to work for.

Google is literally making our lives better every year.

How many of us have switched from Yahoo email to Gmail?

Mapquest To Google Maps?

Yahoo search to Google?

YouTube dominates.

Google Translate is miraculous.

So, why not invest in Google and have 100,000 of the smartest people on earth work for you?

Investing is amazing. Here is why…

Only 1 team can have Tom Brady or Mike Trout.

Only one record label can sign The Beatles, Taylor Swift, U2 or Garth Brooks.

But we can all invest in Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify…whatever company we see changing the world and growing like mad. It isn’t exclusive and limited to 1 person/family (unless the company os private).

Use this to your advantage. Be grateful you have the opportunity to open an E*trade account and have the greatest people on earth work for you as a shareholder.

This business is all about ideas I have them and share them each night.

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