Why Google is the 1 stock to OWN the next 5 years

If you could only own ONE stock for the next 5 years, Google (GOOGL) should be the one. It is perfect for an IRA. Alphabet is the best technology mutual fund on the planet.

They have the smartest 89,000 employees in every area that is the future.

Google MAPS is probably worth $100 billion.

If Netflix is worth $170 billion, YouTube is worth at least that much.

Google Cloud is going to be like Search. Chrome. Gmail. Maps. Android. They were not the first to enter the market, but are likely to become the biggest/best over time. I think Google cloud will be worth $300–500 billion eventually.

A staggering 85% of the mobile devices in the WORLD run on Google Android. How much are 2, 3, 4 billion handheld computers in our pickets worth? $300+ billion most likely.

Waymo, their self driving cars division has driven over 8 million miles already. Waymo is the leader in the future of transportation. I know it is hard to believe, but every expert says it is happening. This could be as big as the entire company some day.

I still believe Warren Buffet will invest in GOOGL this year.

Google announced yesterday their Google translate app process a staggering 143 billion words per day. They haven’t even started making money from this yet.

Buy GOOGL and forget about it.


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