BCH is a fiat money
Jimmy Song

Do your thing Jimmy, as always spot on. And thankfully so, because it is from Jimmy’s articles that have built within me the desire to learn more. This point however seems to fade away under the back and forth rhetoric of the argument. And very quickly without taking away from anyone here let me say this:

Upon my discovery of the CryptoSphere and the CryptoCurrency/blockchain movement there was one thought that literally ate a hole through my being: the only thing we are really good at and not truthfully very very good at is spending our fiat money. I mean in my part of the world that’s all we actually need to do: spend money. I mean our duty as Americans is to do but one thing, create debt. And our second most important duty as everyday average Americans is to never question out creator of Money, just smile and continue to create more debt. Hell even our higher education system is now just a way to put each student in debt to his or her government for the remainder of their lives (yes I am included ).

Stepping into the CryptoSphere was an 'awakening' for me. Gave me new drive to learn more, new drive to believe there is something better just past the reach of my fingertips but not so far away as to be unobtainable. I found new ways to make a future and even more importantly a new belief that my future could be great again!

Fast forward an infinite number of hard forks for an infinite number of cryptocurrencies later and the light at the end of my bright future seems to be dimming a bit. And without making this a super long response let me just say this: of course the argument (s) within our space is constructive or suppose to be anyhow, but we have lost the confidence that drives our argument to the better and for the better of those like me, those believing there is a better and brighter path created by CryptoCurrency and this disruptive blockchain technology. Because at the end of the day we grab Mass adoption not because of those few who understand everything that is CryptoCurrency but because of the many who only need understand one thing- how to transact them. I guess in summary what I am trying to say is: let’s not lose sight of the importance of those who don’t know a damn thing about the CryptoSphere! Because they are the reason we succeed or fail. The argument seems to drive negative sentiment and negative sentiment is fear of not knowing, fear of not learning and even bigger the fear of losing, all legitimate concerns for someone who wants to buy a cup of coffee with their litecoin balance, or maybe it is easier to just use our shitty fiat 💲💲 — big smile on my face. Peace my friends, Virgil Nelson