Written by Temitope Idowu

Japan? Such was the excitement when the attention-grabbing news broke out on Japan’s goal of making cryptocurrencies a mainstay in their bid to transition into cashless economy (1). Considering Japan’s status as one of the largest economies in the world just behind the US and China (2), and the country’s reputation as a technology powerhouse, this news is hardly meant to be a surprise. However, what makes the news a resounding one is the fact that Japan has had its fair share of the challenges associated with the adoption of cryptocurrencies. When the major heist that…

Written by Temitope Idowu

Over the years, people and abstract phenomena have always been viewed and defined by many through the screen of absolutes — White or black, Good or Bad, Dreamer or Doer, Idealist or Pragmatist, those who live for the past/present or those who live for the future?

Image source: https://unsplash.com

The world of cryptocurrencies has not been an exception to these discrete views. In fact, skeptics and enthusiasts alike once viewed cryptocurrencies as real or fake, truth or falsehood, a possibility or a product of wishful thinking depending on the side of the divide the holder of the view belongs…

Trade Nexi

Trade Nexi is a total eCommerce project focused on creating commercially viable on-chain — off-chain linked solutions.

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