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What will happen to you if you are locked in a room with countless documents depicting charts, analysis, strategy information and you are befuddled with the amount of information thrown at you and no one to help you? Let all your doubts that cloud your vision fade away because TradeScanner is the answer to demystify and simplify your life when it comes to deciphering trade analyses.

It is a combination of a powerful charting platform and automated trading strategies. A trader must know how to approach the trading strategies, discriminate between the right and the wrong ones and have the acute business acumen to analyse the behaviour of the market.

The first important step is to identify high-probability trade setups. TradeScanner automates this for you — it provides many trading strategies to save time and efforts on repetitive, manual, monotonous analysis.

TradeScanner Features

Trading strategies

TradeScanner facilitates the use of any of the automatic high profile strategies.

Each strategy is based on the unique combination of comprising of patterns, trends, pivots, movement and position of price, time or indicators. It uses real-time data to identify trade setups and applies one or more effective strategies to find the trade setups automatically. It saves time and effort in calculating entry, target & stop -loss manually with defined risk-reward ratios

Short summary of some important trading strategies provided by TradeScanner:

• Patterns — TradeScanner is adept in identifying the waves that dictate the stock markets, much like the Elliot wave. It also scans to identify the potential reversal zones as in the Harmonic waves and determines the potential buy and sell signals like in Gartley pattern.

• It also helps to determine whether the currency pair is overbought or oversold like in Stochastic Oscillator and thereby indicates the RSI (Relative Strength Index).

• It helps in identifying the trends and reversals like in the moving average, Crossover, Trendlines, Fibonacci ratio and in order to diversify the trading into global markets it uses CFD.

• TradeScanner also helps in finding out trends in Forex (Foreign Exchange markets) and depicts the current state of Stocks, Trading investment trends and strategies.

• Trendlines — It scans for trendlines with a touch and/or breakout which give a unique trading opportunity

• Pivot Breakout — A strategy that automatically identifies pivot high/low breakouts

• Pivot-Support/Resistance — Finds setup where price is near any of the previous high or low pivots

• TPJB — Finds setups using proprietary trend identifier along with price breakouts and/or pullbacks in the direction of the trend

• MPSB — A unique strategy that finds setups based on price position and momentum direction

• Crossovers — A highly configurable, dual time-frame strategy capable of finding various price and indicator crossovers, with automatic checking of higher time frame trend

Want more? We always look for valuable & unique methods to identify trading opportunities. We will keep on adding new and unique strategies to the program

Want your own strategy programmed into the software? We will do it fully black-box & automatic for you

Automatic Scanner

• TradeScanner helps you to create your own portfolios with any number of securities

• It quickly scans the entire portfolio and configures the scan to automatically convert

Data on the fly to higher time frame

• It scans using intraday or daily data and converts to any higher time frame if required

• TradeScanner configures scan filters based on price and volume

• It runs multiple scans simultaneously

• It runs scans on EOD data

• It keeps the scanner running on real time data for finding setups as they unfold during market hours

Simple, Flexible, Feature-rich Charting

• TradeScanner manually analyse securities easily with the charting features and tools

• Quickly converts between time frames with just a keystroke or couple clicks

• It takes entry & exit decisions fast by quickly looking at base and higher time frame charts

• Manually draws Gartley/Butterfly wave patterns with just 3 clicks

• One can find the support/resistance with easy fib drawing tools

• It finds Elliot Wave target zones with just a single click

• It saves sets of chart properties, tool properties, strategies and other studies as templates

• Apply saved templates to open chart for quick analysis

• Setup & use default template to apply to each newly opened chart automatically

• Create/Open/Close sets of charts to manually see & manage your portfolio or open positions

• Save your manual analysis objects drawn along with charts and workspaces for ready reference when opened again later

Automatic analysis by TradeScanner showed in following images:-

1. Harmonic pattern: Butterfly found in Appollo hospital on daily chart.

2. Trendline touch found Star on daily chart.

3. Bank nifty Trendline touch.

4. End of wave 5 in CAN BANK.

5. Wave C in HDL.

6. Breakout in LT below 1450.

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