Healthy Mind

It’s the holidays and we celebrate by having meals with friends and family.

Having a few glasses of eggnog or binge on food during special occasions is not a bad thing but you should also pay attention to your health.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly should be on your priority list.

Our mind and body is energized by the foods that we eat. Food is fuel.

— -

I’m writing this article because there was a period in my life when working or finding a new job took precedence over my health.

My diet consisted of ready-made meals (pizza, KFC, Hungry-Man…) and fast-food take-out.

Now, I look back at my unhealthy lifestyle with shame. Call it wisdom or enlightenment.

Changing your lifestyle is easier than you think.

I encourage you to do activities that you enjoy or take up a new sport. Join a gym!

Exercising improves circulation, loosens the joints, and strengthen muscles. Being active circulates blood and replenishes oxygen in our organs.

Visit indoor or outdoor places in the city. There are many indoor places such as the downtown Path, malls, airports, and civic centres. Try yoga or meditation.

Your mind will become clearer and more alert.

Take the first step to a healthy mind and body.

— -

Being healthy improves our concentration, productivity, and motivation.

Avoid processed (meats, sausages, bacon), preserved (canned, packaged, frozen), or junk food (chips, chocolate bars, soda drinks, fast food).

I’m not a Doctor or a health expert but I’m a practitioner of living a healthy life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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