Dota 2 Betting with Bitcoin

With Dota 2 being one of the most competitive and high-paying eSports in the world, its betting scene has seen tremendous growth that is set to continue for 2018 and beyond.

Dota 2 sports betting has moved from beyond items to cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a popular choice for betting because it is anonymous and there are dedicated bitcoin betting platforms out there that have a wide selection of eSports odds.

Bitcoin betting is also quick and easy on a decentralised platform, without requiring any of your personal details.

Here I will outline the easy simple steps to start betting Dota 2 (or any other eSport) with bitcoins!

Step 1: Getting bitcoins

You will need to make an account at Coinbase (use this link and get $10 extra bitcoin with your first $100 purchase). Coinbase is one of the top BTC exchanges in the world. This may take a few days for them to verify your ID etc. in compliance with regulatory laws.

After being verified, you will want to purchase some bitcoins. I would recommend purchasing at least $100 to get the free $10. It also makes betting more worthwhile (as opposed to piddly $1 wins!)

Step 2: Make an account at Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is the pre-eminent bitcoin betting website, with a dedicated eSports arm.

When you enter into the website, you will see this box:

Popup box for registering / logging in to Nitrogen

Simply click “I Agree, Create my anonymous account”. An account will then be created for you — without having to enter in any further personal information.

Having said that, on the main dashboard, you can create a custom username and password. This is recommended so you can re-login to the account at anytime, anywhere.

Step 3: Create your Nitrogen bitcoin address

On Nitrogen , you will see at the top right corner a green box saying “Click here to create a Bitcoin address”. This address will be where you can deposit your bitcoins, and all your winnings will be in there too.

You will then be redirected to the “Cashier” page, where you can create your address and see options for withdrawing your winnings in the future.

Create a new address, and keep it handy for the next step.

Step 4: Transferring bitcoins on Coinbase to Nitrogen

You will now have to go back to Coinbase and make send funds to your Nitrogen bitcoin wallet address you generated earlier.

Sending your Bitcoin to your Nitrogen wallet

Step 5: Bet away!

You can now bet away on any eSports games on Nitrogen!

Best of luck to you.