Race me

“The bottom of the hill. Bell tolls three and we race to the bottom of the hill.” The sun burned with a brilliant blue that made her eyes diamonds in the daylight. Trouble never came in a cuter package.

The taste of the sea breeze was salty and sweet as it blew over the orchards. My heart started moving it’s way up into my throat. Adrenaline floods my tiny body and the church bells start to chime. One, two, plunge, into the deep.

The wind whips against my face as start to smile and tears start to form in the corners of my eyes. I don’t feel anything, my feet are barely touching the ground. Doing more to keep me upright and balance me than actually propel me forward. Gravity was doing it’s part, my job was to just keep moving forward.

Then my other senses return to me. I am screaming. I am freezing as the cold air rushes past me. I look up to see my reflection in glass of the buildings, the ground rushes toward me. My childhood dreams fade away.

I lost, again.

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