Hi Trading Pool Community,
Here we are again and since our restart the 30th of May 2020 the Trading Pool has made quite some changes and reached some big milestones.
We did rebrand with our new amazing logo, started a new discord https://discord.gg/d6SkrNm , a new webpage https://tradingpool.cc/ , and new businessmodel and vision. Investors can now invest in a portfolio with diversified collateral with a heavy allocation in Bitcoin and trading layers that generate a sustainable growth and returns them more then they initially invested now matter where Bitcoin Price goes.

The Trading Pool has grown in Shareholders and…

Dear TPC Community,
The TradingPool is stepping up the rewards to it’s Direct Investors and decided to launch the Loyalty Pool.

What is the Loyalty Pool?

The Loyalty Pool is an independent portfolio where we will allocate profits from the Trading Pool in a regular way. Every Direct Investment trough our OTC Sales Pack’s automatically adds investors to the Loyalty Pool and start earning Loyalty Points to grow your share of the Loyalty Pool.

We will keep a history of every new entry to the loyalty Pool’s Assets.

Dear TPC Community and Investors,


The TradingPool’s ultimate goal is to provide a sustainable and longterm passive income for all coin holders from the growth of it’s Assets from the different trading layers and systems implemented. Investors can purchase an Investment Pack for TPC coins from the premine and funds will be directly invested into the TradingPool as collateral for Investors and revenue growth for future buybacks. The TradingPool follows a similar model as an Investment Fund where Investors/Shareholder buy in a participation on the Fund and get shares and the shares are backed by the collateral held and managed…

Hi Trading Pool Community,
We are proud to announce that we added Midas Coin to the TradingPool after our second official vote of the TPC-Committee.

It was a double vote where Shareholders with voting rights (1 Seat for each 500TPC bought from ongoing OTC Sales) decided if we would activate the burn-out feature from Midas and the allocation of Midas coins on the Trading Pool of 2.5%, 5% or 10%. The final result ended with a positive agreement on the activation of the burnout feature and a 5% Midas allocation.

We are monitoring the Midas price from coingecko’s feed that…

Hi Trading Pool Community,
Time flies and four weeks have already passed since we re-launched and had our first Direct Investment from our OTC Sales. All Direct Investors are active Shareholder of the TPC where their investment is collateralized with the assets under management and a total of 6.600TPC Coins where purchased from the OTC Sales. As of now we have two Copper Shareholders with No Voting Rights.

Hi everyone,
TPC takeover is slowly rolling out and we are gradually deploying our new vision and goals. One big question remains still a bit unclear for many new investors and for some old investors.
Basically all new MasterNode projects out there start accepting funds to achieve one goal and that is massive new adoption. The problem is that most projects have unrealistic goals with no real plan of action, or they dont split their big goal in small achievable steps. Funds are just wasted for expensive listings and aggressive marketing where all funds are quickly depleted to spark awareness and fomo…


  • January 7th 2020 First approach with Ian regards some legal questions and operations/logistics about projects hosted on Vault
  • January 8th 2020 Extensive chats about several investment/management coins and personal experience of both of us regards projects discussed and our personal experiences and background and pointed out issues to Ian that seemed huge red flags to me concerning referred projects
  • February 15th-17th 2020 I asked Ian about TPC issues and possible “scam” and we tried to get a timeline and track funds
  • February 18th 2020 First request to Ian for a budget to help/support/deploy a brand new project to have some…

TRADINGPOOLCOIN 2.0 — tradingpool.cc/


After the past events of TPC, the project ended up being abandoned and without a CEO. Ian from Vault who managed all the initial pre-sale and CRYO program in VAULT was looking for someone responsible and capable to take over the project and find a suitable CEO up to this task. He believed strongly in one person who showed different skills and interest about investing and managing communities as well as always delivering useful tips and recommendations to the community.

We introduce you to Carlos, alias know as CC in discord. CC is originally from Luxembourg but moved to Portugal…


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