After the past events of TPC, the project ended up being abandoned and without a CEO. Ian from Vault who managed all the initial pre-sale and CRYO program in VAULT was looking for someone responsible and capable to take over the project and find a suitable CEO up to this task. He believed strongly in one person who showed different skills and interest about investing and managing communities as well as always delivering useful tips and recommendations to the community.

We introduce you to Carlos, alias know as CC in discord. CC is originally from Luxembourg but moved to Portugal late on in life. He speaks Portuguese, French, German and English. Studied and graduated with a Civil Engineering Bachelor but has always had a geek side in him. He loved computers and the internet and started with a heavy interest in investing about 10 years ago doing his first trades in forex brokers and social trading platforms.

Along the years he gathering contacts and build relationships and got invited to work with a private company managing assets and clients where he started trading with MT4 platform and had his first experience with Expert Advisors. Backtesting the existing EA’s (Expert Advisers) was something quite natural considering his passion for analyzing data and crunching numbers in excel. He learnt in experience through failures and hard work and started understanding he was missing something and started studying and researching about macro global and fundamentals and backtesting his own ideas and models.

Regarding Crypto his first contact with Bitcoin was in 2014 when he tried to mine bitcoins with a GPU and it fried his card, so he left Bitcoin aside until it came back in 2017 with the ICO boom. Somehow that mining entrepreneur mindset stuck in the back of his mind and he invested in several mining ICOs, and cloud-mining contracts and early 2018 managed to build 2 Rigs from scratch. 6GPUs with 1070Ti triple fans and 8GPUs with 1070Ti from MSI torx fans. He remembers those days with nostalgia and a great learning experience with all the heat issues, energy management, software, tweaking, improving, true crypto enthusiast happy days with plenty of work and hassle while doing all his other doings. With the crypto bear market and with the majority of ICOs going bust, he had to shut down and sell all hardware. Fast forward several months and we had the MasterNode pump with new coins popping up every week and CC found his way with an interesting project and got very active on it and started moderating it and got more and more involved with all the Team and its ecosystem.

One year later CC is now community manager of Midas and growing his reputation as an active moderator and providing a strong bridge between the heavily hardworking Team and growing community. Talks with different projects happened more frequently and that is how Ian and CC met and started brainstorming about the desire from CC to have something of his own related with investing and crypto and forex and the desire of Ian to have a suitable CEO for TPC project.

CC’s vision and approach for TPC 2.0

“My goal would be to have a real market cap, instead of a fake one, like all other cryptocurrencies or companies. What I mean is that all market-caps are just a quick mathematical operation between the last filled order price on the exchange multiplied by all coins in circulation or shares for companies. A share can easily get overpriced and one big shareholder can easily dump his shares and there are not enough buyers to support the price. For the case of TPC we already have a considerable amount of coins distributed. Over half the premine was used for listings and marketing and a lot more. The model used had no real collateral pegged to the coin itself. The objective was generating revenue with additional funds sent privately to a pool for trading and no direct ratio between coins owned and the participation in the pool existed.

The experience I have as a manager I am used with, direct participation of assets. If an investor invests an amount he will own a percentage of the total amount of the funds in the pool. I want this concept to be pegged with the coin and provide security for new investors. They will have a participation of the funds in the pool according to the coins they bought directly through OTC. The remaining available premine will be our source to gather Assets under Management (AuM) for the Trading Pool and only new OTC deals will grant participation rights on the pool. New investors through OTC deals will know that they have rights on a share of the Assets under Management and real collateral behind their investment. For this we will set OTC deals at 3$ per TPC coin. We will not peg the coin price in satoshis and therefore all investment and participation will be measured in total dollars invested, not bitcoins.

The Trading Pool Portfolio aims for diversification and here an example of a target allocation after full deployment:

On the Forex Fund I will work with an established broker I have worked with since 2017 and follow a long term approach placing exposure to catch wider movements. All backtests show improvement of results when trading wider ranges and limited effective leverage to limit risk. I will limit the trading pairs and gradually scale up diversification and exposure, mainly following a systematic approach to keep the account almost in autopilot executing trades from the daily volatility inside the bigger swings. Of course opportunities will present themselves and will be considered.

The Crypto portfolio will be mainly with the only established Cryptos we have Bitcoin & Ethereum. The markets will follow whatever these 2 will do and they will grow in adoption as more institutional money flows into them.

Considering the deep connection with all existing investors with Vault and the expected influx of new investors brought from Midas it makes sense to support both projects with a small share on the portfolio. Then of course there are plenty of smaller coins we can add, like BAT for example that is quite promising and is approaching its maximum supply and has very low adoption yet and many other good coins, like Digix Gold backed with real gold and decided therefore to keep a 5% free allocation for new OTC Buyers to make a pick of the coins they would like to see added here. This will be decided in a private discord for the new OTC Buyers.

And finally we have an allocation for Exchange support where we will buyback coins and resell them to increase our funding to the entire Pool and gradually get back the price of TPC up. The Pool will be rebalanced every time any asset allocation grows or falls 20%. New OTC deals will directly be channeled to optimize the allocations.

The price of the exchange will follow natural supply and demand but we will provide buyback support and sell back coins to increase this allocation and provide a two-way funding back to the other allocations as we rebalance. Same happens the other way around, if Cryptos rise and Forex account gradually grows it will be rebalanced and funds flowing to the exchange for greater buyback support. Assets under Management should increase and all new OTC buyers have their initial investment as real collateral as an insurance no matter what price of the exchange. As a safety to run operations and grow profits I will copy a similar system as CRYO has, making this deal only available after a period of 1 year. Meantime investors are free to trade their rewards and coins available on the on the exchange, but have to send back the original amount of coins to get their original investment back after Vault unfreezes their OTC coins. Remember that we peg the participation in dollars invested at the time of the OTC deal, not the amount of Bitcoin you sent.

All growth of the Trading Pool will benefit the TPC price as we increase our exchange support allocation and can ultimately reach full real market cap collateral, where price multiplied by total coins in circulation matches our total Assets Under Management. At this time if we grow a higher Assets under Management above the coins market-cap we can actively buy up coins to push the price higher to match real market-cap collateral. At this point we will no longer need any freezing period and all investors can just sell their coins and we can buy everything back and lower total Assets under Management if sell pressure persists but we will have a 1:1 ratio of real funds and coin price that we can support 100%.

We are confident at this time many investors will stick around and we will have enough Assets under Management on the Trading Pool to keep growing and pushing forward. We will also pay attention to bigger market cycles and if needed fully hedge our crypto exposure on massive pumps to secure our collateral increase and also monitor the size of the Total Assets Under management and consider broader diversification outside the crypto space and forex, strengthening our Trading Pool.

Carlos alias known as CC




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