I have received hundreds of Emails from all size of investors who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (The biggest guy lost few million) Most have only one question: “Will the Market ever recover & hit all time high again?” or “Will my Coin ever hit New Highs so i can get back my capital”

No easy answers to these questions as everyone has different set of coins they have invested in. Someone bought Bitcoin at 18000 or someone bought Litecoin at 330 or someone bought QTM at 100 or Neo at 180. Different People hold different coins that were…

November 25th 2018

I won’t get into the details of where is the bottom or which coins looks good to buy etc.‬

Let’s focus on analysing the sell off. It’s clear whales don’t want to actually SELL or dump their coins. Yes it doesn’t look like they are actually interested in dumping their coins at these levels

The design and pattern of this sell off clearly suggests carpet bombing theory in the war zone to create a shock & awe effect on the enemy.

There are clearly 6 types of players in this market

  • Amateur Retail Traders
  • Pro Traders
  • Institutional Whales
  • Individual Whales
  • Exchange operators
  • Coin Promoters

The current sell…

I get this question almost evert alternate day from friends and followers. While most believe Bitcoin is invincible, I have second thoughts. I don’t necessarily believe it will lose its Number 1 position so easily, but I am also not averse to the idea and open to the fact that a challenger can emerge & a better coin may eventually takeover Bitcoin

Who can be a potential challenger?

I don’t expect traditional altcoins to emerge as potential challengers. Here is my logic. Essentially we have the following type of coins in the system at the moment:

Utility Tokens

Security Tokens

Blockchain / Mineable coins

Fiat backed Stable Coins

Let’s go one by one & understand the valuation matrix…

Would you become a Doctor & perform surgery without attending the Medical School?‬

Would you become a Lawyer & represent a big corporation without attending the Law School?‬

Would you become an engineer & start building a dam without attending the engineering School?‬

There is no way you can become a trader (that’s true for more than 90% people) without properly attaining the professional training as a trader.

In No other Profession, you would invest serious money without either having the complete knowledge yourself or through your partners/employees

Trading is just like any other business. Unless you educate yourself in the ropes of trading, investing & wealth management, you shouldn’t be investing a single dollar in this market. And that’s true for any other business. You have to have the domain knowledge before you invest serious capital.

Conclusion: Its Still Not Late, focus on Professional Quality Education. Find mentors. Invest a little in improving your knowledge. Treat this like any other business

If you are trading based on Twitter/Telegram/Discord Calls, Make ‬Sure you check those calls & their validity. The calls are mostly issued based on technical levels & if they don’t trigger & technical levels change than entry logic for those calls needs to be revised/cancelled

Don’t blindly open/close trade based on just one look at information on social media. Find a mentor & learn the logic behind that trade

Join discussion groups and get some validation for the trade idea before clicking buttons. Remember it’s not supposed to be gambling. It’s investing and it does require some work from you.

If you follow people on Twitter, make sure to double confirm with the them if the trade is valid or suspended. If you are in doubt simply stay out

Stay safe, be alert & be profitable

Decide who you are?

Are you a day trader/intra week scalper?

Are you a swing trader?

Are you long term investor?

The rules of engagement differs for each category. It is possible to develop a trading plan for each category that will give you a market neutral bias. What does that mean? It means you can make money irrespective of where the market is going. I will show you over next few weeks as to how to learn this. But remember the rules differ for every scenario. You can choose all 3 but you still need to develop 3 separate trading plans. Like & Share if you want more

Crypto enthusiasts are sitting on the edge of their seats. Bitcoin is “destined” to receive ETF approval and to every bull, that is just about the best and only good news on the horizon right now. But is another bull run possible in 2018? And more importantly: can we get to that coveted trillion-dollar market cap?

Ever since bitcoin’s price went from an all-time high of $20.089 in December of last year to this year’s low of $5.893, crypto enthusiasts have been, well, not so enthused. Every upward spike since then has been met by a spark of good news and “hopium” only to be shattered again and again by another sell-off. Even we here at TradingRoomApp have personally encountered this on social media. Every time we speculated on new lows, we were treated with groans and “tweets” of disapproval. Those soon dissipated when our outlook turned to truth. Even now, on Aug 11th, we hold…

A lot of monkeys lived near a village.

One day a merchant came to the village to buy the monkeys. He announced that he would buy the monkeys for £100 each.

The villagers thought he was mad.

They thought how can somebody buy stray monkeys for £100 each?

Still, some people caught a few monkeys and gave them to the merchant and he gave them £100 for each monkey.

This news spread like wildfire and more people caught more monkeys to sell to the merchant.

After a few days, the merchant announced that he would buy monkeys for £200 each.

The common myth is market works based on demand & supply. It’s true to some extent but most part markets work based on manipulations. While most of you may think, this is some conspiracy theory, but it’s not. That’s a hard fact. Markets work based on manipulations & that’s true for every market including equities, commodities, currencies & crypto.

But before we go into that aspect let’s try to understand how do these assets derive a price or valuations as they call it. Well it’s complex, I will try my best to explain in a simplest possible way.

Chapter 1

How assets derive their valuations ?

Let’s divide…

(Life of a Whale)

First of all, let’s get this clear. What is whale or who can be a whale ?

Short answer: Whale can be an individual or a group of people or an institution or group of institutions or an exchange owner or group of exchange owners with large & concentrated holding in particular stocks / commodities / currencies / coins. Anyone with money & some knowledge can become a whale. In most cases whales are hand in gloves with management of companies / foundations of stocks / coins.

I had a privilege to work with & meet people in the power structure who are at the top of the pyramid in the whale value chain. At some point…

Trading Room

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