Market Influencers Make Market Opportunities for Investors

There is no denying that Trump has become one of the most influential movers of the market… so much so that his tweets can sometimes offer investors opportunities.

A recent example of the power of Trump’s tweets, from the 16th August, is when Donald Trump wiped $5.7bn off the value of Amazon $AMZN with a single tweet. The President tweeted:

Within two hours of pre-market trading after the tweet, Amazon’s shares lost 1.2% of their value.

And that wasn’t the first time…

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Or… see some further examples of Trump’s antics!

One of Trump’s first influential tweets was on December 6th, 2016, when he attacked Boeing costs on Air Force One (seen below). The result of this was $1bn being wiped from Boeing’s stock market. That’s $1bn as a result of one tweet!

But he didn’t stop there, On Wednesday 10th May 2017 Trump hit again… stocks of Lockheed Martin and Boeing Co, fell sharply with a 1.8% decline after former FBI Director James Comey claimed that Trump asked him to stop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. By receiving real-time alerts of Trump’s Tweets a savvy trader may have seen this coming long before effects took place on the market, allowing them to make smarter investment decisions.

Another company hit by Trump were Ford, Trump threatened to slap a tax on General Motors for importing compact cars from the UK to Mexico (shown below). As a result, Ford announced it would no longer continue plans to open a facility in San Luis Potosi and reduced its profit forecasts for the year by $600m.

Following this, two days later, he then targeted Toyota (seen below), telling them to build a plant in the US or face taxes. This resulted in shares in Toyota falling 2% by midday trading on the day of the tweet.

But, Trump isn’t the only one influencing the market!

Growing numbers of market influencers are using Twitter to express their thoughts and feelings towards a company. Here at, we realised that it wasn’t hard to monitor a single influencer, but we wanted more…

So, we set our AI a task, and of course, it delivered! You can now discover the markets major influencers, covering over 9000 equities, commodities, and the forex market. Best of all our AI does all the work so that you don’t have to, simply select an influencer or group of influencers and we will alert you anytime they mention a company you follow. Why not check out our FREE influencer tool now?

Or, take a look at some other examples of market influencers at work…

Carl Icahn is another example of an influencer who has moved markets with one tweet, he did so when he announced that he had taken a large position in Apple. As a result of this within the first 24 hours of the tweet Apple’s shares shot up over 4%.

Another key example is a letter to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook that Icahn made public through a tweet. The letter said that he believed Apple’s stock was now worth $240, however, in reality, this was a lot lower.

The stock was trading down at around $128.74 before Icahn’s tweet, yet, increased by $8.35 billion as a result of the tweet (shown below).

Tweets from CEO’s can also have an impact on a company’s share price, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is a prime example of this. Tesla’s stock rose 3% as a result of his tweet about a new product being unveiled (as seen below).

It is clear to see that more and more market influencers are using Twitter as a forum to express their feelings, often resulting in market shifts. Here at, we identified that in order to stay one step ahead of the latest market moves, investors need to be alerted when influencers tweet about a company of relevance to their investment interests.

So we came up with a solution…

Our AI continuously identifies key market movers. We offer users the power to be notified when these influencers mention a company, product, or one of their consumer facing brands, ensuring they always stay informed of their latest thoughts, posts, and news.

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What can you expect?

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