Boomers As A Hostile Paramilitary Occupation Force

My Boomer rants are usually triggered by a white Boomer woman instigating conflict to create social hysteria. Today in the coffee shop a white Boomer woman chased me in the door & set off a domino effect of females gesticulating & engaging innuendo against me with implied accusations flying (I am an anonymous young white male — this is generalized behavior not special to my case).

The Boomer social class implements the 3-pronged approach in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals by: 1 freezing 2 isolating & 3 polarizing. Today was no reprieve from that Karpman Drama Triangulation scenario. They maxxed out the effects of social friction to subdue me, collectively target me for isolation, & relentlessly agitate for polarization.

The difference between today & other days was my heart didn’t melt in fear & I was not overwhelmed in a wave of social anxiety.

I reflected on my experience with Boomers & came to the conclusion they are a hostile paramilitary occupation force allied with 3rd world colonizers. And it will take quite a bit of diplomacy & creativity to turn that situation around.

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