We’re melting over these 5 winter 2017 interior decor trends

Ring in the new year by updating your home’s interior decor

Don’t you just want every accessory in your home to look this chic? Photo source: Stylecaster

1. Marble

There is something to be said for the calm sophistication marble brings to a home — and this season, it’s taking over. This print is no longer restricted to floors and countertops, it’s finding its way into every room in the house. Even if real marble isn’t in the budget, you can find plenty of printed marble accessories like throw pillows, soap dishes, plates and coffee tables to outfit your home.

So ready to clim into be — zzzzzzzzz

2. Cozy headboards

Warm looking and so luxurious, the upholstered headboard trend is huge in 2017. Gone are the days of cold, traditional wood headboards — it’s the season to replace them with a cozy new style that makes you want to cuddle up. There are plenty of DIYable styles to choose from so you can get the perfect look to suit your style. Adding softness and warmth to any room, the only question you’ll be left asking is why you didn’t do it sooner! Thinking this might be a bit too much of a project to take on? Get one of our Pros to make a custom headboard just for you by posting on the TradePros app!

Baby it’s cold outside, but warm in here!

3. Grey on grey

50 Shades of Grey was onto something with the movie title — the next colour design trend! This winter you can’t go wrong with grey of all tones! Pick up a blanket, a throw pillow, paint the walls and doors — there is no limit to where the colour is popping up.

Now taking applications for snuggle buddies.

4. Warm knits

Winter… or should we say blanket season? Bundling up under a mountain of knits will keep you warm and your home stylish. Neutral colours like grey, cream and beige are cozy and match easily with almost any colour of paint or couch. Or, go bold with your knits and use them as an excuse to inject some accent colours into your decor, such as deep forest green, teal and fire-engine red. When you’re done cozying up by the fire, fold it up nicely and hang it over an arm, pop it into a wicker basket or leave it on the chair for the dog to snuggle into.

These windows are probably cooler than yours. Photo source: House and Home

5. Painted window frames

We’re obsessed with the look of painted window frames! An easy, fun way to add a pop of colour into any room, painting your window frames is just the accent you need. While playing off the vibrancy of natural light you can use these as a way of drawing more attention to your windows, or testing out a new shade of paint for the room. These are also a great way to incorporate trendy accent colours into a space without over committing. If you need some help, post the job on the TradePros app (iOS or Android) and have Pros bid on the job within minutes.

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration and tell us which trend you like best in the comments below!