just had

a bottle of wine.
in less than 20 minutes.

all I want to say is

I’d use the F word.
can I?

SF Ali, can I use the F word?
 enlighten me, please.

I’m feeling like Penny from the BigBagTheory while talking to Sheldon.

ow the wine is over. what do I drink next?

I’m writing about a doping system. how ethical is that. right.

I should say, I’m very professional. here i’m in my safe heaven. I’d never do wrong with my paid writings. or any other writings.

not bigbag. The Big Bang Theory. y’all know it right. I wish I was Sheldon. I mean, only Sheldon. the issue is, I have Penny engraved on my bones. the feeling side, you know.

I’m feeling really bad. not for the drinking, im strong on that. mentally, sentimentally. I wish so bad I could feel (and fell) less.

when people say “life is too short” I always correct them, I say “no, it has the exactly span it should have, for each one of us,” but when I feel it, I actually feel it. It is short, from a Darwinian, Wildian perspective.

sometimes I wish I knew nothing less than air.

I wish I could just talk about the weather and that would be OK.

I wish I could feel just ‘enough’ as enough.

As if time wouldn’t matter.

As if life was inconspicuously overrated.

I wish I could love and feel and fell ‘just’ enough.

I’m feeling like crap. Just because I think. And that sucks.

I don’t need to use the F word.

All I need is to talk about a subject without the other person thinking that I’m doing any kind of “guilty trip.” I don’t do guilty trips! I just wanna talk about something that is not right from the common sense perspective!!

Why do I have to compromise on that? That’s BS.

Hello, from this side. From inside.

You should be feeling miserable about forgetting about me.

I include you as a priority.

I don’t know. I don’t fit in that structure. I thought you didn’t fit in that structure either.

Compromises. That’s so……. un-lucid (if that was a word).

Yes, I need attention. Of course I do. Otherwise, WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE IN A RELATIONSHIP?

Nice, like it is nothing. As like I’m nothing.

I’m WAY FAR from nothing.

I’m a great human. I’m an amazing human. I’m a great human being.

I know you think there are no bad persons. I respect that.

But I think there are people that are bad. And I also think that are people that might not be that bad, but do bad things.

Mostly, I actually believe that we are all bad. Really bad people, trying to be good. Most of the times I know I’m a terrible person, trying to pretend I’m good.

Sometimes, I’m so great I wish I could be a bird.

Sometimes, I’m human. If you can’t handle that, that’s not my problem.

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