Why do you write

You can write to a specific audience, towards a particular tribe, to reach a precise age range — and for any other wild panoply of reasons.

Regardless, if you don’t like what you’re writing, the impact will probably be meaningless.

Universe, cause and effect, Murphy’s laws.

I’ve been asked why I write.

I don’t know why. I just do. I love to write, I enjoy the feeling. It’s probably like when a cat scratches a hard surface, when a dog wag its tail, when a whale jumps and splashes against the ocean’s waves, when a seagull soars.

Some people might say ‘to be read, write about what people want to hear’. That’s fair enough, I think.

I don’t say that, though.

Write because it makes you feel you, because warms your heart, jousts your mind’s hemispheres, shivers your senses.

Write, be, cause.

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