Ramsay Bolton is Dead, Finally

You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well. — Sansa Stark

I’d like to think of myself as a kindhearted individual — one who prefers life over death. I oppose the death penalty (not to get too political) and also cringe whenever I hear/read about mass shooting, local shootings, freak accidents, etc. But not on TV. On TV, I’m okay with routing for someones death. Like, for instance, Joffrey Baratheon from the hit show Game of Thrones.

When Joffrey was poisoned by Olenna Tyrell in episode two of season four, I almost wept with joy. He was sadistic, twisted, evil, cowardly, and needed to die. I had no shame in thinking this. Joffrey was a son only a mother could love; a son only a mother could mourn. His death was like a weight lifted off my chest. Finally, one of the most annoying and unlikable characters in Thrones sent to TV purgatory. Once Joffrey was out of the picture, I thought I could toss my “Die Now” list in the trash. But I should’ve known better.

Enter: Ramsay Bolton. In many ways, Ramsay is Joffrey if Joffrey wasn’t royal. Like Joffrey, Ramsay was sadistic, twisted, evil, and cowardly. Unlike Joffrey, Ramsay was unroyal (yup), which allowed him to be completely unhinged. For instance, he could chase down a woman and have her eaten by his dogs; chop off another man’s manhood; kill his father, his father’s baby mama, and his baby brother. Ramsay took pleasure in all of this with a perv-ish smile on his face. Ramsay is the cold-blooded murderer that lived inside of Joffrey. And so, logically speaking, Ramsay had to go.

I imagined John Snow chopping Ramsay’s head clean off in Thrones ninth episode of season six, “Battle of the Bastards.” But that would have been too honorable and forgiving. Ramsay deserved a brutal, WTF-did-I-just-watch kind of death.

Although Ramsay didn’t get Oberyn Martell-ed, I enjoyed watching Sansa peer into his soul as his face was being devoured by his own murderous dogs. This was fitting, especially for a man who watched those same dogs kill and eat a woman and child. My coworker, however, wished something different. And better. He said that before feeding him to the dogs, Sansa should’ve cut off his manhood and John Snow should’ve flayed him. That would have been real justice.

Next on the list: the High Sparrow.