Pick Up Your Shit

Your dogs, I mean

In the new Showtime show Billions, Chuck Roades (Paul Giamatti) reprimands a fellow New Yorker for not picking up his dogs shit. Roades calls it the “law of civility,” a sentiment I would have to agree with. I live in an apartment complex that allows residents to have dogs so long as they are 30 pounds or less. There is a huge yard behind the complex, perfect for my dog, Prince, to use the bathroom and run around in. But after living here for two months, I now only view the yard as a valley of shit.

Along the edge of the yard are two light posts with a garbage can and pet waste bags attached to it. This tells you one thing: clean up after your dog. Yet when I take Prince to use the bathroom, the possibility of stepping in a pile of shit is very high. This irks me. I have yet to catch someone not picking up after their dog, but if I do, I might turn into Chuck Roades. The valley of shit could be the result of sheer laziness, which is pathetic. It could also be an act of follow-the-leader. Oh, since others don’t pick up their dogs shit, I’m not going to either. This is even more pathetic.

Most of the snow has melted now, but just a couple of weeks ago, I looked out the window and saw a young girl and presumeably her father in the valley building a snowman. I hoped they weren’t picking up shit.

This is Prince. He is sitting.

I kind of want to make some signs and start posting them everywhere.

PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG. It’s the law of civility.

That will piss some people off, but it would also send a much needed message.

Update: On February 25, 2016, I saw someone not pick up after their dog. My excuse for not saying anything is that I was on the opposite side of the yard. And it was like 6-something in the morning so my willingness to do anything outside of my basic mobile functions (walk, breath) was next to nothing. But those are just excuses. Does not make me a horrible human being?

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