Response Blog to “The persuaders” and Christian Worldview

Analysis and Critique

The show “The Persuaders” opened my mind to the world of advertising. Through watching the show, I learned how much time, work, and research goes into creating advertisement. All this effort is put into advertisements to make sure that they communicate a message clearly to a specific group of people.

One part of the show that astonished me was when the bread company had a specific group of questions to ask random people who used their products for market research. This astonished me because they asked questions about how their products affected a customer’s emotions. Later I learned that this was done so it is not as confusing to me and now I can see how those questions would be useful in advertising.

Another part of the show that astonished me was the fact that companies will pay to have their product in shows and movies. I always thought that it was a coincidence but it is a very smart advertising tactic. This is something that I will look out for when I watch TV because I’m sure I overlook it a lot.

An advertisement that I have seen that uses this tactic is the trailer for “Stranger Things” season two. This advertisement is cool because it includes an old advertisement in it. I’m sure that this advertisement caused people to consider buying Eggos when they do their grocery shopping.

After watching “The Persuaders” I am aware that companies do a lot to make sure that their advertisements are effects and get people to consider their product. From now on I will always think about how they decide on each part of an advertisement like specific words, colors, and where the advertisement is placed.

Christian Life

The Christian’s duty in the field of persuasion is to communicate The Gospel using the same tactics that marketers would do. It is important for us Christians to know how to communicate The Gospel to specific groups of people because everyone won’t understand the message the same way. It is also Christians duty to persuade people without forcing them because it should be a decision that they make for themselves.

As far as Christians in the advertising world it is important for us to do everything in excellence. As Christians, we must also be honest in the way we advertise our products especially within the church.

It is okay for Christians to encourage loyalty to brands as long as it doesn’t go against what they believe. Being loyal to a brand and having material things shouldn’t affect anyone’s relationship with God. It is up to us to not let material things consume us and take God’s place in our lives.

If I was in the advertising field I would want people to notice that everything about my company is done in excellence like Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A does very simple advertising and what they say about their company really shows in their restaurants. People want to eat at Chick-fil-A because they know that it is an honest company.

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