Repealing ACA is the Christian thing to do.

I’m so tired of all the whiny folks complaining about the repeal of the ACA, aka “Obamacare.” Yes, someone in your life will no longer be able to afford treatment, and yes, they will die. I get that it kinda sucks that your inalienable, and entirely self-evident right to life is being effectively denied. However, you failed to fully think the situation through.

While thousands of lives will be lost and countless more will be ruined, you neglected to consider the hundreds of families that are impossibly and unjustifiably wealthy that stand to benefit. I’ve heard that, in some cases, we are taking a net worth boost of a full percentage point. Do you know how many child slaves you have to abduct to get a full percent boost to your net worth when you’re worth more than most of the world combined? A lot. And child slaves are whiny, almost as whiny as some of you.

Anyway, I was always taught to look on the bright side of things. The bright side here is that your suffering will ensure that no child of wealth will be denied the comforts and lifestyle that they deserve. That means a luxury automobile in every garage, and the assurance that no expense will be spared to make children of privilege look independently successful.

In times of great doubt and controversy, we should seek a greater wisdom. We should all look to the scriptures for guidance, especially the parts where Jesus told the sick they were shit outta luck, told the poor they needed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and celebrated wealth as the single most important pursuit in life. Your sacrifice is needed so that the most fortunate among us can live a more Christian life.