Graphic by Mike Petriano

A great deal of ink has been spilled on activism inside tech companies regarding the ethics of doing business with the defense community. Much of the current debate within the U.S. technology community tends to frame the issues in binary terms: technologists have a choice — to participate in the “business of war” (as a recent letter by Google employees put it) and become complicit in war’s consequences, or to withdraw from work with the defense community completely. The tech community’s ambivalence regarding the defense sector is understandable. …

By Trae Stephens and John Luttig

We have gathered information on more than 13,000 House and Senate members since 1789 in the above charts. You can see more detailed charts and information on methodology here.

While Congressional representation has not historically been demographically “representative” of the United States writ large — by gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status — it has adapted its skill set to the prevailing needs of the time. This has served us well throughout our history. But today, as we step out of the 115th Congress and into the 116th, despite becoming more representative in demographic…

The government is terrible at building and buying technology. I know it, you know it, and the government knows it.

Some of the #ThanksObama crowd will try to make this a partisan issue, but it’s not. Giving credit where credit is due, President Barack Obama noticed the problem when he assumed elected office. He has said, “Government has done technology and IT terribly over the last 30 years and fallen very much behind the private sector. And when I came into government, what surprised me most was that gap”.

Essentially, that means that our country’s IT department is worse than…

Trae Stephens

Trae Stephens is a Partner at Founders Fund, where he focuses on startups operating in the government space.

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