Affiliate Marketing Secrets From a College Professor Turned Digital Entrepreneur — What I’ve Learned As a Teacher That Helped Me Become a Successful Marketer

Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz
Mar 1, 2019 · 9 min read

Never in my life would I have imagined of becoming a full-time Entrepreneur, especially build an online business and become a digital marketer.

I was raised to “get good grades”, so that I could “get a good job”. I was a Registered Nurse and a College Professor by trade…

In this post on Facebook, I’ve shared that a few years ago, I was teaching “Operating Room Nursing” subjects to College students.

Preparing lessons, quizzes and grades were part of my daily duties and responsibilities… (far from what I do now: launching sales funnels, starting WordPress blogs, and doing Facebook Ads for my own business and others…)

This was me (Ryan Cruz) teaching nursing subjects to College students way back in 2006–2009

But sometimes life throws a curveball and your life will never be the same.

When me and my wife immigrated to Canada way back in 2010, we’ve thought that our carefully prepared 3–6 months plan would help us get settled in this new country…

… It was a simple, yet methodical plan (that’s what I thought)…

… Find a place to stay
… get accustomed to our new environment
… get a job
… and start raising a family…

But sometimes, things that you’ve planned and hope for doesn’t always happen the way you “hoped it would be”…

There’s a saying that goes “for every door that closes, a new one opens”…

We usually don’t know what will happen next if our “plan” doesn’t work out well, but we can hang onto hope and faith…

Fortunately, that’s what we did and so we didn’t gave up easily.

I tried looking for jobs that are related to my profession : nursing, teaching, biology, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to land a job mostly because I didn’t have any “Canadian experience”…

To cut the story short, instead of being able to find a job as a nurse or a “college professor”, I ended up becoming a “Digital Marketing Professional” and starting my career as an “SEO Coordinator” for a local marketing firm here in Ontario, Canada.

It was not what we’ve planned, but it was actually a blessing in disguise.

But this is not about me and my career… This is about the “affiliate marketing strategies” that I’ve discovered along the way…

How affiliate marketing changed my outlook in life as an “employee” to ‘accidentally’ becoming a digital entrepreneur.

It was definitely a journey with a lot of ups and down, but it’s a journey that I’d like to share with you today.

The secrets that I’ll reveal here are what I’ve used to achieve my first 6-figures as an online entrepreneur: thanks to affiliate marketing.

But as an earnings and affiliate disclaimer, before I share these strategies with you, I want to be upfront that I’m not implying that you’ll earn anything (because of time, skills and ability to take action). I’m simply sharing my experiences with you. Also, there are affiliate links in this post. That means that if you decide to click on these links and purchase the products that I recommend, I’ll get a small commission (without any extra cost on your part)…

What I’m going to do is to be upfront and transparent with you and share as many details as much as possible.

If you totally agree and understand this, then let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let me quickly define what I know about Affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, it’s about promoting other people’s products and earning an affiliate commission when someone buys the product through your affiliate link.

Why start an online business as an affiliate marketer?

The advantage is very obvious.

You can earn about 50%-100% commission on products or services that you didn’t create.

And product creation is usually one of the BIGGEST barriers on why people can’t get started in building an online business.

With affiliate marketing, you leverage other people’s products and branding.

While the biggest disadvantage of affiliate marketing is this, you’re actually building other people’s online business and not yours. Even though it’s you who drove traffic, created content, it’s still their customer.

Still, if this is your first “online business” and you haven’t mastered any skills in “digital marketing” , affiliate marketing is a great way to get started with an unlimited potential for income and growth.

Affiliate Marketing is a great model for starting your online business.

But there are many mistakes that one can make along the way.

I’ve made a lot of these mistakes (if not all of them).

My goal in this article is to save you a lot of headache and frustrations so that you can avoid the same costly mistakes that I did…

Affiliate Marketing Secrets #1 : Provide Value But Make it Incomplete

Let’s start with the right mindset for building a profitable and successful affiliate marketing business.

It’s important that you’ll able to provide tons of VALUE to your reader.

What is VALUE?

It’s not a blog post, a video, but the “content” and “impact” of that to your readers.

Even if your article only contains 150 words, but it’s straight to the point and helps the reader move from point A to point B and help them with their problem, then that’s VALUE.

Don’t be tied to the “length of video, blog post, etc” but consider the “IMPACT” of the content that you are going to “give” to others.

If it’s going to IMPACT them positively, then that’s value.

But a lot of people make the mistake of ONLY providing VALUE WITHOUT making it INCOMPLETE.

It’s kinda like this.

Let’s say someone is looking to lose weight and you’ve provided them with some recipes that can help them lose weight.

If you gave them ALL the information that they need, they wouldn’t need any other product or service, because their NEED has been satisfied.

What you need to do is to provide VALUE, yet make it INCOMPLETE.

So let’s get back to the recipe example…

Let’s say one of the procedures in the recipes that you’ve shared requires a “food processor” to cook it well, then you can promote the “food processor” that you’ve used.

Any sales from the “food processor” that you recommend will earn you an affiliate commission. Amazon’s Affiliate Program is ONE example of how you can actually do this and promote physical products like a “food processor”.

This is what I call about making your CONTENT VALUABLE but INCOMPLETE.

Another example is teaching people how to build a sales funnel.

I teach everything that I know on building successful online sales funnels.

I share everything that I know, including new vocabularies, concepts, strategies, guides, etc.

I also share the tools and software that I use to build sales funnels that makes my life a whole lot easier. Then I promote this sales funnel software by teaching people how to use it.

This is another example of providing value but INCOMPLETE.

This is really the key to selling more products online (whether it’s your own product or not).

By allowing the person to gain VALUE first, you earn their trust.

And you promote a “solution”, earn an affiliate commission, and sell more without being pushy or salesy because you are simply sharing them your experiences and how the “tools” you’ve used have made your life much easier (and how can have a similar experience).

Affiliate Marketing Secrets #2 : Promote Products That You’ve Only Used and Actually Recommend

Once you become a successful affiliate marketer, sometimes people will hear about you and will start reaching out to you.

And it can be very tempting to promote something that will not be beneficial to your audience.

Don’t do this as your reputation will be the one that would suffer in the long run. I recommend that you only promote products and services that you truly use and believe in.

If a product or service is really good, I honestly believe that you have a moral obligation to share it because it will also help other people as it has helped you.

In the internet marketing industry, there’s tons of digital marketing tools and softwares that I’ve used and highly recommend.

I’ve personally used and promoted ALL of them, but not primarily because of the affiliate commissions, but because they have helped me tremendously and have helped others as well.

Check out some of the tools that I recommend (yes, I’m an affiliate of these products, but only because I use them and recommend it).

  1. ClickfunnelsSales Funnel Software
  2. SEMRUSH — The Ultimate SEO Software (Sign up for an affiliate account via BERUSH)
  3. FunnelyticsSales Mapping Software
  4. Drip Email MarketingEmail Marketing Automation Software
  5. Easy WebinarWebinar Software

Affiliate Marketing Secrets #3 : Use my Content Trifecta Strategy

A lot of people struggle with affiliate marketing because they either lack the right content strategy, the right promotion strategy or both.

My Content Trifecta Strategy engages a person’s auditory, visual, and intellectual senses which increases the chances that they’ll pay attention to what you have to say.

Without attention, you won’t be able to get people to consume your content. And without consuming your content (value) first, it’s very hard to sell what you have to offer.

My Content Trifecta Framework will allow you to gain attention, engage a visitor and convert them into a lead or customer.

Here’s how it works.

  1. I create an outline of all the topics, discussion points, including objections that a person might have about a particular solution.
  2. I then create a blog post following the outline that I’ve just created.
  3. I pick the top 1–3 topics from this outline and I create a VIDEO for this.
  4. I also “splinter” the most interesting topic/issue and create a Lead Magnet for it. The purpose of this Lead Magnet is to turn website visitors into “warm leads”.
  5. Finally, I publish the post, video and lead magnet and make it LIVE.

Why is the Content Trifecta Framework so powerful?

The article or blog post is highly optimized for the Search engines. When it starts ranking for highly relevant terms, I can get FREE traffic to my article as long as it’s on the top of the search results.

The video engages the auditory and visual senses.

The purpose of this is to establish rapport, increase traffic opportunities with video views and build VIDEO remarketing audiences.

And the lead magnet part is an easy way to acquire a new lead that you warm up before asking for the sale through email marketing.

I don’t see a lot of people doing this strategy because it DOES involve a lot of work. But it’s also the reason why it’s so successful. Not a lot of people are willing to do the same level of work that I do here.

How about you? Are you willing to take action and get started with Affiliate Marketing The Smart and Right Way?

You’ve just discovered my 3 secrets on how I’ve become successful with this online business model. However, a word of warning — these 3 secrets are NOT enough to be successful in affiliate marketing. You need a framework, a system, processes… that you’ll either figure out yourself or tap into others…

You can either spend a lot of time making the same affiliate marketing mistakes that I did, and spend a lot of money testing things out on YOUR OWN.

OR you can check out the FULL Affiliate Marketing Secrets where I spill the beans over my entire strategy that’s still working in 2019

I hope that you’ll take action on what I’ve shared here today. Ultimately, without any action, there can be NO results.

Are you ready to take action?


Ryan Cruz
Co-founder at TRAFFICSALAD

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