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TRAID team is pleased to announce our partnership with the GIN platform, a 1-click masternode hosting service. To make it truly painless for our community, TRAID team will sponsor a 1-month hosting of 100 TRAID masternodes deployed on the GIN platform for the first 100 members who avail the promo. The discount will be applied to one MN per user for new masternodes only (collateral transaction not older than 24 hours).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register on the GIN Platform

2. Search for TRAID coin and click the plus button

3. Select “Cloud node” and the hosting fees will be waived if it’s a fresh MN. …

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Hello from the TRAID team! What follows is our latest development update, containing our recent progress towards launching our Alpha release for community testing. Since our previous update, our dedicated and highly-skilled team of developers has been working hard on the final stages of development for the Alpha release.

What’s new?

1. Dedicated page for the live videos sortable by categories and channels.

2. Dedicated page for the archived videos (which include recorded live streams and uploaded videos) sortable by categories and channels.

3. Dedicated page for the instructors that a user is following that contains the list of his videos and broadcasts. …

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Hello from the TRAID team! We’re happy to announce that we have nearly completed TRAID web wallet that will serve as the backbone for the upcoming platform. In parallel with the web wallet, we’re also putting the final touches on Traid alpha as well as our side project. Fruits of this work will be seen in the coming weeks.

We’ll be publishing 2 separate dev updates regarding Traid Platform Alpha release and our side project very soon.

Our web wallet is the missing piece that will drive the meaningful adoption of our platform for thousands of users. To provide the security and scalability that our users deserve, we decided to develop it 100% from scratch. We tested most of the open-source web wallets available out there typically used by other projects and found either critical vulnerabilities or just plain bad code, so the only logical solution for us was to start developing our web wallet from scratch, bearing in mind the unique functionalities it will need to contain to be useful on our upcoming platform. …

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