Their raised voices said it all. My opinions had gone quite far enough, or were no longer needed in this meeting, either way, no one seemed interested in what else I had to say. How had it come to this? This could very well become the first time in my consultancy career I was being kicked out of a meeting.

Just 30 minutes earlier, we had cordially begun the meeting by discussing the agenda items. Somewhere along the way, I felt that the repetitive nature of the deliberations was counter-productive (if you’ve dealt with government bureaucracies, you might wholeheartedly agree)…

A friend of mine once lamented about a vice in (particularly) Ugandan culture i.e scheduling an appointment and failing to turn up or even calling to cancel.

Experience 1: Someone asked to see me today morning and I had this nagging feeling he wouldn’t show up. I went ahead to mildly prepare for the meeting but didn’t “wait up”. True to my fears, he didn’t show, didn’t even call. What’s worse is, this is a corporate banker.

Experience 2: While discussing taking up office space with a prospective landlord, I agreed to his terms but asked him to look into…

As is the norm in this part of the world, we lost power after nearly an hour of heavy rain.

What we thought would be a 2–3 hour power outage turned out to be a 3 day blackout. Having previously installed a power backup system within our office, we weathered the blackout but on the 3rd day, the batteries were totally drained and work ground to a halt.

After screaming at the utility company for the N-th time to fix the outage, I placed a call the company that installed our power backup system to see if they had any…

We’ve been in operation for slightly over 6 years, building and maintaining software for our clients. Almost 5 years ago, we secured our first major clients and set about establishing our presence in the market by setting up modest offices (nothing close to the fancy lawyer chambers you see in the upscale tree-lined neighborhoods of our city, but we’ll get there).

Fast-forward; business was picking up and we needed to get some extra hands on-board so we set out to recruit. Instinctively, we put out adverts through Google Trader (which was alive and kicking at the time) and like any…

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