How to kill a brand

A friend of mine once lamented about a vice in (particularly) Ugandan culture i.e scheduling an appointment and failing to turn up or even calling to cancel.

Experience 1: Someone asked to see me today morning and I had this nagging feeling he wouldn’t show up. I went ahead to mildly prepare for the meeting but didn’t “wait up”. True to my fears, he didn’t show, didn’t even call. What’s worse is, this is a corporate banker.

Experience 2: While discussing taking up office space with a prospective landlord, I agreed to his terms but asked him to look into some fixtures I wanted and he promised to revert in 24hrs.

After a week, I hadn’t yet heard from him so I called him. For starters, I was surprised he took my call (he’s always very busy and seldom returns calls). He explained that the costs of the fixtures was high and suggested I first move in then maybe we work out a way to offset the costs of the fixtures etc etc.

I didn’t even bother bringing up the fact that he’d promised to revert in 24hrs and hadn’t. I simply moved on. I’ll stick with my current office space.

While these experiences are spectacularly inconveniencing, they’re a constant reminder to us at Trail Analytics to continuously aim for excellence in our products and integrity in our service provision.

So, if you want to kill a brand, here are a few tips;

  1. Miss every single appointment and don’t call to apologize.
  2. If you can’t miss the appointment, at least be late by no less than one (1) hour.
  3. Whenever you find missed calls, don’t bother calling back or sending a message to find out who called/why they called.
  4. For those on WhatsApp, when you read a message addressed directly to you, under no circumstances should you respond. Bear in mind, the sender can see that you read the message.
  5. When you commit to getting back to someone, do not make a reminder that you need to get back to this person after all, that’s what you want to be known for.

Ours is a brand built on excellence, attention to detail and integrity.

What will yours be?