How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.
Robin Chancer

Where to begin…

Trump is not “driving you insane.” You’re doing that to yourself. You seem to be espousing rational thinking, yet right off the bat you’re not sharing it’s one fundamental truth. Didn’t they cover, “only you can make you mad” in your training? Why are you not explaining this to your patients before they sit down?

I wonder if you realize that the thrush of attitudes like yours are playing a huge part in that uptick in suicide hotline calls you talk about. Stop telling people Trump winning an election is the emotional equivalent of the death of a loved one, for example. They might cheer up

Again, you’re worried about a “paranoid, post-positive world” while you’re telling your patients they’re justified in thinking Trump is going to bring about World War III and destroy the planet. I dunno, I don’t think that’s helping the paranoia or negativity. Were it even true (it is not), I’d still argue it might be more helpful for fragile people to hear that their fears about THE LITERAL APOCALYPSE might be unfounded. It’s not like they’re going to be able to call you on it if you’re wrong.

If you need to embrace “radical acceptance” to digest the fact that millions of Americans don’t share your exact socio-political sensibilities, here’s a juice box and some fruit snacks. There are elections. Two scumbags vie for power. One wins. Sometimes it’s the bigger scumbag. Sometimes he does things with that power that offend our sensibilities, or impact our quality of life, or that of other people. This is literally true of every President.

You’re a therapist who throws around the world “evil” to describe people you disagree with politically. I’m guessing you’re not a Freudian.

Then you proceed to talk about dialectic thinking, and how people are complex…two paragraphs after declaring Trump is evil and Republicans are greedy (and also evil?) These two concepts don’t sit well with each other. Which is it — people are all complex and flawed individuals who do good and bad as part of the mosaic of existence…or Trump and Republicans are scum? Your professional persona and your “two glasses of wine” persona need to reach a consensus before you write any more on this.

If you think Republicans are currently or historically to blame for the racism and bigotry you see everywhere, I’m guessing you also didn’t minor in US history or take Civics. Regressive attitudes can be found in one form or another across every political party and socio-political group. And using “Republicans” as a heuristic for everyone who doesn’t share your set of beliefs is lazy.

This article should have been three sentences long:

“The buffoon got elected. Get over it. Go do some good in your community.” That would have been it. “Buffoon” is an olive branch to you. I absolutely loathe the guy but I’d hate to imply he’s the first dumb, arrogant, or corrupt guy to have the job.

Finally, the fact you’re so eager and open with the idea that people who don’t share your beliefs should NOT be comfortable in your care is grotesquely unprofessional. I’m incredibly gratified by the fact they don’t let you dispense medication.

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