Top 5 benefits of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a balanced combination of six sigma techniques and lean manufacturing processes, which is aimed to optimize operations and minimize waste. A lot of companies remain unsure on whether Lean Six Sigma is a right form of investment or not.

The benefits of implementing these practices will clear the doubts.

1. Improved customer satisfaction

Lean Six Sigma gives emphasis on improving customer service processes and product delivery methods that boost the satisfaction level of end customers. How improvement of a product can help in satisfying a customer is also taught in this training. A lot of clients in present day scenario directly ask their vendors/suppliers if they use Six Sigma practices.

2. Decreased costs

This is the primary advantage for businesses who participate in this course. The businesses learn to reduce the errors or defects that lead to rework. They also learn how to eliminate unnecessary steps that may prove costly in a specific process. It is made sure that there is no compromise with the customer value during the process of decreasing the costs. In fact, a boost in the customer value is witnessed.

3. Workers become more competent

The workers who participate in Six Sigma can solve problems that occur in an organization quite easily. This is often done by suggesting the ideas that are feasible for a particular process. In fact, the workers become agents of change, which helps companies in achieving their objectively easily. Even the motivation level of the employees receives a booster dose through this course.

4. Competitive advantage

The improvement in every department and process helps a company perform better than its competitors. This further helps in pitching new clients. The investors will also choose a company with streamlined processes rather than the one with outdated business practices.

5. Supply chain management

One specific benefit of Six Sigma training is the ability to streamline supply chain management. The major component of this aspect is driving down the number of suppliers associated with the business. This results in the reduction of risk of defects.

All these benefits show that every industry can deploy the principles of Lean Six Sigma in different departments of their business. The improved efficiency in different facets will result in the improvement of profits within a short period of time. The organizations can also become the preferred vendor by applying thee practices.

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