FYI, 20% of the work done at any company is probably worthless. It may not be because your strategic plan is a loser , nor necesarily, is anyone at your company lazy, incompetent or stupid.

2. It’s just that even when the Biz environment and your plans change , departments and individuals tend to do what they hv always done.The result can be inefficiency, missed oppertunities, and corporate disaster.

3. Every company must periodically trim and tune itself. This technique called ” Work Simplification ” is being reborn today under a variety of names as a powerful management tool for revamping white collar Biz. It’s a procedure for analyzing what all your employees do and streamlining the Organization so that people are not just doing things right but doing the right things. You can multiply the value of everyone in your Co.

4. Fredrick Winslow Taylor in his book ” The Principles Of Scientific Management ” explained that even the most basic tasks can usually be streamlined. The key is to eliminate any unnecessary motions from the workers routine.


5. It is important to set Corporate Goals so that the staff would know which Directions or Actions to be taken

A. KNOW THY TIME. ” Upto 20% of the work that goes on within a company is misdirected or non essensial. ” says Prager. ” Pare it away and you will hv a lot more manpower to use for something productive. And it will be free.

B. ANALYSE THE REPORT.Top management went over the logs task by task. They used a simple but effective formula for streamlining:…. eliminate , simplify or combine. If a task is non essential , get rid of it. If it is important, see if it can be made simpler. And where ever possible , find tasks that can be combined under One Employee Or Department.

C. MAKE THE CHANGES. Once the Management has concluded their streamlining efforts, changes should be made and implemented to achieve the necessary results.

D. MAKE THE IMPROVEMENT STICK. Standardizing the changes and making sure that the new policies are keeping pace with the strategies laid out.


6. To survive and stay ahead in Today’s society, we must constantly improve ourselves and keep pace with the changes around us. Below is a short article on making constant improvement a way of your life:


7. Every operation in Biz that involves human beings can be improved. That is the basis of work simplification……… A six step process that eliminates wasted time and motion. The benefits of the technique include saving money, making an organization more nimble and raising morale;

A. Select A Job To Improve. Start with a repetitive task. Even a slight improvement will be multiplied.

B. Specify The Elements: Brake the job into a sequence of movement for analysis.

C. Challenge Each Detail. Ask and answer key questions about each step. What is the purpose ? Where should it be done ? Who should do it ? what is the best way to do it ?

D. Simplify. Use your analysis to eliminate unnecessary motion. Change the sequence of some steps to save time and combine steps whenever possible.

E. Test and Adjust Your Improvements

F. Install The Improvements


Pramod Chopra

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