Childhood — Unleashed.

The Sea; beckons her with open arms.
The dormant child within her,
Pines and frets,
over her long lost childhood.

An inner voice within her,
Rebuked her grown up self.
The very next moment,
she decides,
to unmask her disguised self.
To unveil the camouflage,
which burdened her fragile structure.
To break free, of all the clasps,
and become, what she really was!

For a child’s innocent heart,
contemplates everything, to be attainable.
For a child’s playful heart — everything falls within,
the threshold of possibilities.
So, the newly awakened child in her,
pivoted the melancholy to playfulness,
and, shunned every morbid thought,
with utmost indifference.

Her heart, now thumping,
leaped with unbound joy.
She felt a sudden gush of emotions,
swirling in her veins.
And, she took a deep dive into the sea,
The Sea — which harbored,
her carefree, nonchalant days — her long lost Childhood.