To the women, I don’t speak to…

You are an old friend, who I don’t speak to anymore. Maybe because, at one point of time, our unsatiated egos and adulterated hearts weighed heavier than the bond which we cherished.

You are my lady boss, who at some point of time made me look down upon myself, question my style of work, my choice of clothes, my voice, and my opinions. But I owe my knack for work, to you. Despite being a tough tutor, you have imbibed me to be a. responsible individual and taught me how to survive!

You are the girl, who was a huge part of his life before me. You have known him, and been with him through fun and tough times. It would be unfair for me to not accept the fact that there happened to be a time when your mere mention used to pick on the most vulnerable corner of my heart. I know, it has been really tough for you to accept my existence, but it has not been easy for me too. And I know it would sound absurd, but I adore the woman you are, and despite all the weirdness, I wish prosperity for you.

You may be the girl who I used to call my best friend, but the book of our past has witnessed us blossoming into friends, and then wither helplessly over a misunderstanding. I’m apologetic I have let my sternness stand tall between us, gradually belittling all the hope and good times that lay ahead of us.

Maybe, we were destined to cross each other’s paths and never meet again. Not all women need to be friends. Let us not be each other’s fierce, cut throat, and savage competition. Let my success inspire and motivate you. And, let me appreciate you, on yours.

Every woman is strong, and is fighting her own battle. The world would definitely be a better place, if we just be empathetic and respectful of each other.