Hurdles of Learning Pt. 1

Stories: Our limiting beliefs

When it comes to learning two things really hold us back:

  1. Stories
  2. Fear

Stories are our limiting beliefs about the things we can and can’t do.

“I am not a math person.”

“I can’t dance.”

“I’m not a shooter.”

“I’m not creative.”

“I could never learn how to use an iPhone.”

… you get the point.

We tell ourself these stories and we also hear them ALL of the time from the people around us.

Limiting beliefs and stories are dangerous when it comes to learning because they rob us of the reps and experiences we need to grow.

If I believe that I’m “not a shooter” I won’t really shoot at practice, in my free time, or in games. And by limiting my reps and practice I become…. (drum roll)… not a shooter.

Replace shooting with any skill and I guarantee that you can relate to that progression — we all can.

We become our stories.

Step #1 to becoming a great learning is to squash and replace these stories. And we do that with science.

Science is the story killer.

Science shows us a few really important concepts when it comes to learning:

  1. Skills are built, not born. Sure there are some head starts, but the good stuff is built and acquired
  2. Our brain has the capacity to get really good at pretty much anything
  3. We learn by doing


“YOU are not a math person, a shooter, a dancer, creative” (some of the most common and destructive stories that we hear and tell) are simply false.

If we live in reality (and reality is supported by the research) we could replace that story with science and say:

“Look — you know and I know that math isn’t your strong suit. But math is a skill and skills are built, not born — which means it’s something that you can acquire, if you earn it. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, I’m here to help.”

Stop with the stories.

Stop telling them.

Stop listening to them.

They are a sham and they do zero good.

Train Ugly.