What’s Possible vs What’s Required

We’re required to go to school M-F, to show up at 9a and leave at 5p, to reply to our emails, to practice for 2 hrs after school each day, to write 1000 words double spaced, to run all of the reports.

Requirements are the rules and expectations of our jobs, projects, assignments, and groups.

When we do our job — what’s required — our life is usually drama free. Our teachers, coaches, parents, and supervisors leave us alone and we’ll be rewarded with paychecks, grades, and perhaps playing time.

We do our job, tick the boxes, and get the outcome — soon we can cruise through this process on auto-pilot.

Which is the trap.

If we’re only doing what’s required we’re never going to grow, innovate, struggle, or fail like we need to.

What if we shake the system and focus on what’s possible not just what’s required.

What’s possible is endless. What’s possible is unknown. What’s possible is scary.

What’s possible is where the magic is.

Back to our 1000 word essay…

1000 words
Double spaced

If we only care about meeting the requirements we’ll pick a familiar topic, wait till the last minute, use lots of quotes to eat up the word count, type 1002 words, and stop.

If we focus on what’s possible we might ask: “what can I do with this assignment to get the very most out of it?”

And then we’ll pick an interesting topic that we know nothing about, we’ll dig into the research, we’ll learn and open our minds, and we’ll share what we learned in however many words it takes.

We’ll still get the same grade but we will have learned 100x more.

This works for practice. This works for breakfast. This works for meetings. This works for emails. This works for just about anything.

Of course we need to meet the requirements, but why not push it to the next level and find out what’s possible?

How could we do this better than it’s ever been done? How could we get the absolute most out of this experience?

See you tomorrow,

Train Ugly.