Art Curation: #1

In addition to my fashion posts, whether they be history lessons, personal outfit posts, or an analysis, I have instituted a new series.

It’s a simple one, a place to display some of my favorite art finds of the week. Whether it be music, photography, or a variety of art mediums, I will be posting them here. I couldn’t think of a better place to chronicle all the things I’ve found beautiful recently.

Here are the ones I found this week. As I continue you this, you can expect more commentary but for now enjoy the sounds, visuals, and words of others.


I am not quite sure how I came across this, but instantly fell to the spell that is her voice.
Along with this I also recommend Belly Ache and idontwanttobeyouanymore by her.


This image for Gucci
This colorful whale by @lamiaa.ameen on Instagram
Liz by @chboyo on Instagram
Last but not least, to make you feel fab, by @siggieeggertsson on Instagram

Spoken Word:

I’m not crying, you’re crying!!