- Mansi Thakkar : Motivational Speaker

1) Elevate Personal Growth Everyday !
I believe that ‘Personal Growth leads to Professional Growth’. Devote minumum 10mins for acquiring wisdom regularly. It can be in the form of a Book , Audio or Video Lessons on Business Strategy , Self Development, Human Psychology, Marketing Skills, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups or any New Learnings based on your expertise. Make a commitment to end your day with atleast one learning . So at the end of the year you will be filled with 365 new learnings. Isn’t that amazing?
[Remember : Extraordinary people know how to keep their growth game strong !]

2) Forge Your Own Rules :
Extraordinary people create exceptional rules for themselves. They don’t follow conventional path for achieving their endeavours. They are well versed with rules meant to accept and the ones that need to be smashed. Not necassary to follow what others are doing. Give yourself the freedom to live life on your terms !
[“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” 
― Pablo Picasso ]

3) Comprehend Emotions of People :
As humans , we are bound to experience a variety of emotions throughout the day to day life. There is always a hidden reason behind a person’s behaviour. The person might be in an emotional pain or sufferings which he might not be able to deal with or overcome. Learn to decipher what is being communicated. You have no idea which tussle they are going through ! Extraordinary people empathize easily ! 
[Learn Human Psychology, it will help you perceive the truth]
4) Failure leads to Freedom :
This might sound absurd ...but this is what I have experienced during my Engineering days .. ‘’You are not an Engineer if you don’t have KT’s ‘’ – just joking !!!
 I failed 7 times in a subject which lead me to a year drop . Failures if not handled can be dangerous. Suddenly people around you change their perceptions about you. I realised Engineering was not my calling. Since you don’t get to attend college until you clear the subject , you have to sit at home.That is when I began pursuing my love – trainings ! i finished the certifications and learnings required for the same. I felt happiness like never before. Next year I cleared my Engineering . It is true failure leads to freedom... I sincerely thank my parents for supporting my dreams.
[ IT Engineer by default , Motivational Speaker by heart ! ]

5) Help others become Extraordinary : Art of winning hearts
What I love about being a Speaker and Coach is that you get an opportunity to help people become their best through breakthrough’s ,strategies ,techniques with Success as a desired outcome .
True happiness can be felt when you help others reach their peak performance. Remember that Everybody is Extraordinary ! Remind them the massive potential they are blessed with ,help them challenge their own limits, ignite an inspiration for them ultimately resulting in prosperity.
[ The most valuable real-estate is the place you occupy in other people’s heart ]