instantaneous people are able to reach one another. It is something of the a past that we are able to live our daily experiences and express those thoughts honestly towards one another when our conscious stem from knowing we live in a world where the convenience of technological advancements have made our minds dull and much less actively creative. communicating requires a hand held device these days. I feel as if though the simplistic nature of simply standing face to face to comminicate has changed the worlds ability to honestly express oneself. It’s great for the people that didn’t have all these things growing up. But how will it affect the minds of the youth. How will this HELP bring us together in a spiritual way. I strongly believe even though brilliance has also brought upon us seclusion from one another. “Call me or text me when you get a chance”.

“I would much rather like to see you in person Dad”. says my daughter to me when I’m out on business for long periods of time.

And I totall get it!!

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