Employee Engagement is the Core Component of Productivity

Key Takeaway:

Organizations that believe in the mantra that an engaged employee is an asset have to create conditions necessary for fostering employee engagement. There is no better channel for taking the organization towards greater heights.

Among all the things that an organization’s leadership does to foster productivity at the workplace, nothing perhaps ranks as highly as employee engagement. Management gurus the world over acknowledge that employee engagement is the most potent tool for making employees give their best to their employers.

Understanding Employee Engagement

In its simplest conceptualization, employee engagement is about creating conditions in which the employee feels motivated to surpass herself, raise the bar voluntarily and perform to her best in the interests of the organization.

An engaged employee could do any of these among other related things:

  • The employee is highly committed to the organization, feels proud of it and outstretches herself in all areas of work
  • An engaged employee carries a high level of integrity and will have enormous job satisfaction
  • She will fervidly defend the organization’s brand, image and reputation and talk highly about it
  • As a result, there will be better outcomes at work, reduced deficiencies, greater outcomes and lower levels of conflict with colleagues and clients

How do Organizations foster Employee Engagement?

There are several ways by which organizations could engender employee engagement. A few of these methods have been proven effective over the years:

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