Twenty Strategies To Reduce Stress Part I

Therapists are constantly dealing with people who are experiencing stress in their lives. While medication is sometimes needed, there are numerous research based behavioral strategies that are effective in reducing stress and improving symptoms of depression and anxiety

Everyone is different and has different skills and interest so not all strategies will appeal to everyone. This training presents a “Goldilocks” approach. You will be given 20 research-based strategies, so you can discover the ones that are “just right” for you.

Attend this training and find the strategies that fit your life style, stage of life, availability, and interest so you can make changes that will reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression without medication. Everything affects everything else so reducing your stress can help you be more healthy, productive, creative, and contented.

Why should you attend: Stress is a chronic problem for many people and it reduces our enjoyment of life, exacerbates health issues, and makes it difficult for you to focus, can result in a loss of creativity and problem solving skills.

Prolonged stress can produce problems with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and migraines. There are many simple behavioral strategies that help you manage the stress in your life and you can experience more enjoyment and peace. .

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Attitude practices
  • Physical activities
  • Nature therapy strategies
  • Life style adjustments
  • Bonus Ten 2 minute stress reduction strategies.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Everyone who is experiencing stress
  • HR personnel
  • Public administrative personnel
  • Educators
  • Medical professionals
  • Police officers and fire fighters
  • Security personnel
  • Counselors, therapist and social workers


Esther Williams is a nationally known Educator, Author and Licensed Professional Counselor. She received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and Masters of Counseling Degree from Auburn University. After retiring from the Alabama public school system, she founded Positive Paths, Inc. She is in private practice in Auburn AL and consults with schools and other helping professionals throughout the United States on numerous issues including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, discipline strategies, bullying, and anger management. Esther has published two books, Breaking Down the Wall of Anger and The Bully, The Bullied and Beyond.

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