Webinar On The Generational Forces in the Workplace and Meet the Centennials — Gen Z


The importance of understanding the different generational perspectives on career, loyalty, leadership, and communication will help everyone.

This presentation defines how generational reactions may be different to other generations reaction to the same situation and that is what is occurring in the workplace today.

Everyone’s perception of multigenerational teams is that conflict abounds and the team members are not working together. There are ways to move the organization forward and to use the generational similarities and strengths to improve performance.

There are also friction points; the use of effective communication can positively impact performance and frictions can be minimized. By understanding each generation, leaders and organizations can maximize employee engagement and motivate employees.

Why should you attend: Do you know that this is the first time there are 4 generations in the work force-soon to be 5 generations in the workplace.

Current environment is characterized by people working with generations that are different from their cohort. The 4 generations in the workplace are Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen. X, Millennials and soon the Gen Z or Centennials will be entering the workplace. Are you ready? Do you know what to expect from this post 9/11 generations?

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Different generations and their cohort dates
  • Major event defines a generation rather than the Census Bureau Characteristics of each generation on career, leadership, loyalty, communication, and teams
  • How to work with the different generations- leveraging strengths and leveraging generational perspectives

Who Will Benefit:

  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Senior Management Team
  • HR Managers, Directors, and Administrators
  • Diversity Directors
  • Training Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Business Line Managers


Valerie Pelan Valerie Pelan has been consulting and providing Executive coaching for over 10 years.

She provides her corporate clients with a strategic and global perspective that combines her business experience working in Fortune 100 companies and her experience as an entrepreneur. As President of Integrated Focus, she provides leadership coaching to leaders and high potentials: her areas of expertise are executive presence, career transitioning and leading change.

She works with the owners and executive teams in mid-sized companies providing Strategic Planning and communication skills.

Valerie was featured in Jan. 2009 Dallas Business Journal. Her clients agree she provides a strategic perspective on leadership and team dynamics that improves performance and positively impacts business results.

Valerie’s 20+ years in Fortune 100 companies included strategic organizations such as product management, competitive and financial analysis, regulatory affairs and service implementation.

Valerie has worked with C suite leaders to VP and business owners and their executive teams. She is certified by the global standards organization, ICF and mentors and assesses coaches as part of their coaching certification. She is certified in over 15 assessments giving her flexibility and adaptability to work in various organizational cultures: MBTI — Myers Briggs, DISC, Extraordinary Leader 360, MLQ 360, Lominger Voices 360, Hogan Inventories, Winslow Behavioral Profile, and Conflict Dynamics Profile.

Valerie has been a leader in the community and continues to serve on non-profit Boards. She speaks at National and global conferences on Coaching, leadership, and Communication skills. She has MBA in Economics and is an adjunct professor at University of Dallas College MBA program in the College of Business

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