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About TestComplete Platform and Modules

TestComplete is comprised of TestComplete Platform, which provides the test IDE with foundational components for automated testing, recording, and integration with third-party tools, and Technology Modules, which extend the platform to enable testing of specific application technologies — Windows Desktop, Web, and Mobile:

Note:Here the term module is used to refer to a part of the product rather than a file or library on a disk.

The TestComplete Platform includes TestComplete IDE and testing technologies that are applicable to any application type. It supports black-box testing of Windows applications. In other words, using it you can create (record) and run tests that send keystrokes, clicks (with coordinates) and other mouse events to application windows and controls.

The Desktop, Web and Mobile modules give your tests access to internal objects, methods and properties of appropriate tested applications and provide specific support for application windows and controls. In other words, they let you create powerful and flexible tests.

Depending on your tested applications and test scenarios, you will need to install TestComplete Platform and one or more modules to cover the related application technologies.

TestComplete is an automated testing environment for a wide range of application types and technologies, including (but not limited to) Windows, .NET, WPF, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, Java and Web applications and services.

TestComplete Training is oriented equally to functional and unit testing. It provides superior support for daily regression testing and supports many other kinds of testing: data-driven testing, object-driven testing, and others.

Different types of testing can be done by using TestComplete, like unit testing, functional and GUI testing, regression testing, distributed testing etc.. A Test Can be created by recording the steps in keyword view or into scripts by coding there in units. These tests can be recorded or created from scratch in editors.

Test Complete Supports Scripting in different languages one can choose from -

  • VBScript
  • JScript
  • DelphiScript
  • C++Script
  • C#Script

[you will find most of examples here in vbscript.]

A test automation project in TestComplete contains Project Suite, Projects and Project Items. A Project suite is getting created by default when you create a new project. it contains one more projects.

A project contains the tests, baseline data for checkpoints, information about tested applications and other items needed to perform testing. The project also defines the execution sequence of multiple tests and contains a cumulative log of all test runs since the start of the project.

Project items are project elements that perform or assist in performing various testing operations.

TestComplete IDE : TestComplete’s user interface is organized into a number of panels. There are three main panels — Project Explorer, Object Browser and Workspace. The Project Explorer panel displays the contents of projects and the project suite. It also provides links to the test log nodes. The Object Browser panel holds one major TestComplete function that does not belong to a specific project: it shows the list of all processes and windows that exist on the machine. The Workspace panel is your working desktop: it displays the project’s and project items’ editors, where you create and modify tests and view test results.

Other panels at TestComplete IDE are Test Visualizer, Watch List, Locals, Breakpoints, Code Explorer etc.

TestComplete uses a tree-like model for test objects. The root node of the tree is Sys. Processes objects correspond to applications running in the operating system. It uses two ways to address processes, windows and controls in keyword tests and scripts.

1. using the default object names given by TestComplete itself

2. mapping application objects to custom names

TestComplete uses two license types: Node-Locked and Floating User.

Node-Locked License: The Node-Locked license is bound to one computer. You can run only oneTestComplete instance at a time on this computer.

Floating User License: The Floating User license lets you run several TestComplete copies on multiple computers in the local network. The number of copies that can work concurrently is determined by the license key.

Automated Testing

Software testing Training is the process of investigating an application and finding errors in it. The difference between testing and simply exploring is that testing involves comparing the application’s output to an expected standard and determining whether the application functions as expected. In other words, the tester may need not only to ensure that the application displays a list of values, but also to verify that the list contains the appropriate values.

So, the basic test sequence includes —

  • Defining the expected output.
  • Performing test actions (feeding the appropriate input).
  • Gathering the application output and comparing it to expected result (baseline data).
  • Notifying developers or managers if the comparison fails.

Automated testing is the automatic execution of software testing by a special program with little or no human interaction. Automated execution guarantees that no test action will be skipped; it relieves testers of having to repeat the same boring steps over and over.

TestComplete Training In Chennai Adyar provides special features for automating test actions, creating tests, defining baseline data, running tests and logging test results. For example, it includes a special “recording tests” feature that lets you create tests visually. You just need to start recording, perform all the needed actions against the tested application and TestComplete will automatically convert all the “recorded” actions to a test. TestComplete also includes special dialogs and wizards that help you automate comparison commands (or checkpoints) in your tests.