The Safety Officer in the working environment:

We couldn’t deny the ever growing trend in world competition. In fact, it triggers specifically the Third World countries to adapt this trend by having themselves a facility that would support their growing desires of power offer and alternative resources that will raise them or a minimum of develop a property resource.

This makes world corporations to collaborate themselves, with views of serving to these countries by constructing power offer facilities to support the energy required for such development. With this, a replacement trend within the construction and maintenance has opened new field of opportunities for each qualified personnel.

One of the opportunities that interest me most is that the Safety officer courses in Rawalpindi Islamabad being undertaken that starts within the construction of the facility and its maintenance throughout the total operation of the plant.

It is not that the Labor Department issued and obligatory such safety practices manned and being monitored by a totally trained Safety professional person or Safety Officer, however the protection of all the staff ought to be determined as they’re the foremost necessary plus of the corporate.

With this growing trend, I made a decision additionally to be educated and trained myself during this field of discipline by attending Basic occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) that could be a requirement for each individual who desires to become a safety Officer. moreover, this can be additionally a requirement obligatory by the Department of Labor within which of these corporations should determined — that there should be a safety Officer overseeing the safety practices that starts upon the construction of the location up to its full operation.

During the discussion group, I’ve learned that being safe isn’t safe in the least unless you’re aware of all the things within the environment- you’re into whereas doing your entire job. In fact, the category “safe working atmosphere” isn’t any longer applicable as a result of today all operating environment is categorized as “risky” and “highly risky” and this even includes operating within the office(s). Of course, working within the construction site or during a power generating plants or refinery plants is categorized as extremely dangerous surroundings.

The problem is: however the rank and file workers up to the highest level executives are orientated with these safety practices? Clearly, the Management couldn’t let all the staff to attend bosh as this may sure enough price them much.

But by manner of formulating policies and safety procedures that should be religiously determined within the operating surroundings through the support of the management, there isn’t any ways that a corporation of any kind might reach the goal — zero accident/incident.

This is clearly the work of the safety Officer (SO). With BOSH, I’m assured that I will plot these safety practices to any working surroundings. At TSK- Trainings for Skills & Knowledge in Rawalpindi — Islamabad, they provide safety courses in Rawalpindi Islamabad with the reassurance of success. in addition to it, they offers renowned international programs based like NEBOSH, OSHA , IOSH and safety officer courses and understanding of the industry in Oil and Gas; Constructions in Pakistan and Gulf.