Selenium Classes In Pune

As you are familiar, we are living in the digital world; we need to be updated with all sorts of internet tools or software at least superficially unless we are actually concerned with something particular. For business men, especially for branding and promoting their services online, they need to know the working of tools used for web applications. There are number of web applications put on the web day by day for business and other purposes which need to be tested regularly before going into proper channel of implementation. This process of testing should be automated so that web applications would be systematically scanned. In this context, Webdriver is the tool used for testing the web applications. One of such ongoing Webdriver is –‘Selenium’. It is movable, free open source piece software used for web applications. The specialty of it is that you need not to learn a test scripting language for writing tests in different currently known programming languages. Besides being installable on any of the platforms like Windows, Linux and Macintosh, there are some largest browser vendors who are eventually corpora ting Selenium directly as a part of browser they use. This technology is boundlessly applicable in case of API, frameworks and automation tools.

Why only Selenium to be chosen as Webdriver:

· Many programming languages and testing frameworks are compatible with it.

· Number of OS (Operating Systems) and browsers can run it.

· Direct call to browser is possible using each browser’s native support for automation.

· One finds improved support for advanced web-app testing problems by means of well designed object oriented API.

Therefore, a complete training for Selenium Webdriver has become necessary to implement it for smooth functioning and usage of web applications. Once decided to get the related training in ‘Pune’, one seeks for better institute to solve the purpose. Among some arising institutes, the promising that can be highlighted is –TIP- TRAINING INSTITUTE PUNE provides bets selenium classes in pune. This is the superb knowledge source for learning Selenium Webdriver and the related applications! The salient features of our Institute are listed as:

v The candidate learns to write better Automation scripts.

v He / She will be able to create robust and reusable scripts with framework ready to be implemented.

v In-detail study of Selenium tool, its components and key-features.

The topics covered under the course can be framed as below:-

v Core Java: Java –Programming Language, Selenium- introduction

v Object oriented Programming: includes-

1. Testing Framework:- Introduction, Installation, testing annotations, Running Tests, Test Ng Reports, parameter setting, Downloading and configuring ANT, XML , XSLT report generation, Building BAT file to run ANT based tests.

2. Selenium Webdriver:- Introduction to Webdriver, related topics- configuration, architecture, Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Working with IE, Chrome, First Selenium code, Concepts and need of Firefox, Importing Webdriver documentation, HTML unit driver etc.

3. Test Ng and Hybrid Framework:- Overview, Building XLS file with Cases and Keywords , Reading XPATHS, Assertions and reporting errors, emailing test report, making BAT file for project execution.etc.

This course is applicable for manual and Automated Testers, those having programming knowledge, experienced in Java language, persons familiar with client / server applications.

Ultimately those who get certified out for Selenium Training at TIP surely get 100% job assistance and they step into IT Industry / MNCs. They receive in-depth knowledge right from basics to advance level including live projects to imply practically.

TIP is really a gem out of the pearls that attends every candidate and bothers for everybody’s participation during training sessions to make them successful professionals not only in the chore of Selenium applications but other software tools!