Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice
Aristo Orginos

as a “millennial social justice advocate,” i do admit we can be bullies sometimes, but i’m hurt, because we’re not all the way authoritarian. few things i want to defend:

we’re not hateful and fear-mongering. (here on out i’ll use i-statements) in advocating to believe the victim, i’m not trying to remove due process for the accused, i’m saying that the victim shouldn’t automatically be shamed and have her character questioned. i’m not saying throw cosby in prison. i’m saying can we not talk about how many men janice dickinson consensually slept with or how many drugs she’s taken. because that’s irrelevant. those who bring this up are whom i call “rape apologists.”

Newspeak, “chillingly sinister tactics”?? why is our nuanced definition of racism and sexism so sinister? i’m not denying we can be prejudiced, but we really don’t have the power to “kill all men” or “kill all white people.” it’s like a joke because it’s not possible. (i think it’s funny, but i can see how it hurts our movement) it really is a “non-problem” though. however, black churches ARE burning down one after another. ignoring THIS racism to talk about these hashtags — that is harmful, that IS “derailing,” ok!

good point about the stats. but it’s still worth asking, why aren’t there more top-earning women? more woman physicists? the wage gap statistic is still legitimate for feminist advocacy.

i am most hurt by this guy calling ad hominem on me. i have read everything he had to say, and i will validate a lot of it. but until the white man really listens and acknowledges his privilege, i will ostracize him by claiming a “safe space.” i’m not disregarding what he has to say because of his positionality; i disregard it because he can’t SHUT UP AND LISTEN. it’s fucking tiring to argue with a white man who can’t acknowledge his positionality. but it doesn’t mean we don’t try! we hold plenty of open spaces, and i can’t count how many tears folks have shed trying to have a conversation with cis hetero white men when all they can do is focus on how we’re mistreating them. like really? are we killing you in the streets and burning your house down? LISTEN. we have life/death concerns and this guy tries to discredit our entire movement because we don’t have time for his hurt feelings. whine, call me a bully, fine, but don’t tell me we are “destroying” critical thinking and open mindedness. how dare you.

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