Learning and playing brought together!

Teaching alphabets to children have always been a concern to most of the parents. As parents it becomes difficult for us to make our children sit and study. Being the restless creatures they are, they will always want to run and play, basically anything other than sitting down on one place, studying is far off. All the time we keep thinking of how to merge the two or how to make them play-learn alphabets.

Alphabet trains for learning

There are many tools and techniques to engage these little tots in some serious studying but one of the most effective tools are the alphabet learning train sets. These sets have trains with alphabets attached to them with magnetic coupling. They are connected to each other with safe magnets and also are painted with non toxic paint. These sets are recommended for children of age 3 years and above. They can be used as display sets as they are a beautiful decorative piece or can be used with an already larger train track. They are an amazing way to teach your child the spelling of their own name or you can Buy Abc Blocks to teach them any spelling virtually. This is highly recommended if you child get really irritated of fidgety when it comes to learning with books and charts and it gets impossible for you to get their attention drawn to the alphabets. These trains are a simple play way to teach your child alphabets while playing.

Name trains that generates interest learn

These companies can also make personalized name trains. This train will particularly have your child’s name on it attached with magnets. They are made of New England rock maple. Name trains are connected to each other with simple magnets which are safe for your child. You can use this as a great tool to make your child learn the spelling of his own name. Such visual aids also help in the retention of the information which makes your efforts worthwhile. Other than this, you can also use these name trains as decorations in your kid’s room or anywhere at your place. This also makes a beautiful gift for anybody.

Rocking chairs are just amazing

These companies make another amazing thing that is worth grabbing our attention, they are the Personalized Rocking Chairs . Yes! These rocking chairs are made from the first grade maple. These are available in primary as well as pastel color shades. These chairs are mostly used at nurseries and also sometimes personally for a kid. These chairs help your child to learn the spelling of his own name by looking at it on a daily basis; also they help to develop high self esteem and a sense of identity in your child. Having something with his name on it makes him develop attachment and recognition for self.

So, let’s change the way to teach and make our children learn with these innovative trains. Teaching alphabets is no more as difficult as it seemed to be. Go grab your set of name trains and rocking trains now!

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