Eclipse Futbol Club — FAQ

Kieron Boyle
Apr 13, 2019 · 3 min read

Question: What should I expect the fees for my player to be a part of Eclipse Futbol Club, approximately?

Answer: If your player needs a uniform, then the total cost will be approximately $300 for the Fall 2019 season. If your player already has a uniform, then the cost will be approximately $200. Fees can differ depending upon the number of tournaments a team chooses to participate in.

Question: What do the fees cover?

Answer: Player fee is broken into: Club Fee, Uniform Fee, and Team Fee. $125 covers the Club Fee — league fees, player card, club trainings, field maintenance, summer camp, club hosted tournament. $105 covers Uniform Fee — 2 Under Armour jerseys (blue/orange), 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks.

Additional fees cover referee fees, additional tournament fees, and/or additional league fees.

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Under Armour uniforms
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Question: Does Eclipse Futbol Club offer similar opportunities as the other local select soccer clubs in the area?

Answer: Director of Coaching-led trainings — YES! Goalkeeper Specific Training led by Goalkeeper Trainer — YES! Similar league participation: Elite Players League, Greater Cincinnati Soccer League, Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League, Cardinal Premier League — YES! Similar Tournament Participation — YES! Licensed Coaches — YES! Coaches and Players participating in Olympic Development Program (ODP) — YES! Designated Practice/Game Fields: Smith Park — YES! Host Club Tournaments: Middletown MidFest and Middletown Springblast — YES!

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Eclipse Futbol Club — Developmentally Appropriate League Participation

Question: How does Eclipse Futbol Club player fees compare to other local select soccer clubs in the area?

Answer: See below. Fee structures — Thunder United Metro Futbol Club (Lebanon), Lakota Futbol Club (Lakota), Cincinnati United (Cincinnati), Warren County Soccer Association (Lebanon), Southwest Soccer Club (Germantown), TempesT Futbol Club (Franklin), CUSA (Centerville).

Thunder United Metro Futbol Club
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Lakota Futbol Club (most up to date)
Cincinnati United
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Eclipse Futbol Club focuses on player and coach development. Players from Middletown, Madison, Germantown, Franklin, Carlisle, Springboro, Fairfield and Trenton are a part of the Eclipse family! Eclipse Futbol Club looks to be THE select soccer club that supports and strengthens the high school programs in these local areas! Train to Develop, Play to Win!

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Eclipse FC Teams Competed in these tournaments and more!!

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