The Futures Series … Project

45 minutes sessions for soccer players age 4–6

Session Activities

“Treasure Chest” (warm-up) — players dribble to a wagon filled with “treasure” … soccer related gear — different colors, sizes, some with numbers on them. Players grab a “treasure” from the “chest” and bring back to the coach. Coach asks questions about colors, numbers, type of soccer gear, etc.
“Obstacle Course” — players dribble around obstacles, crawl over and under objects, walk across balance beams, run through an agility ladder, score on goal, dribble through cones, pass the soccer ball between chairs and under tables, and finally run across the finish line!
“Big Bear” — players are shown two “bases” that if they are touching they are considered “safe”. The players challenge is to dribble from one of the “bases” to the other “bases” … the twist is that there is a “Big Bear” (the coach) that loves to eat soccer balls and will chase the players in hopes of enjoying a good soccer ball meal!
“Story Time” (cool down) — the coach reads an age appropriate soccer book to the players. Sometimes players receive special prizes … stickers, bracelets, freeze pops!
Thanks to Engel & Martin, LLC for sponsoring The Futures Series. This sponsorship allows each player to receive a t-shirt and a size 1 soccer ball in The Future Series.
The Futures Series sponsor
Design on the front of the t-shirts
Kieron Boyle (Director of Coaching — Eclipse Futbol Club)