Spotify UX Analysis and Redesign
Renee Lin

Great case study. Quite distinctive. A typical case study you see here spends a large portion on user research and techniques. Start with guerrilla testing, affinity map, then 2x2 matrix, which is useful in reality, but readers are not really interested in those (at least I am not, besides, you can’t really make out the tiny words on the post-its!) . You, on the other hands, analyzed and explained in detail the IA and business/user goals (as oppose to just throwing a 2x2 matrix in there). I love this way of doing case study.

I have used Xiami, Apple Music, and Spotify and I do find Spotify’s UX quite confusing. I find myself browsing multiple views back and forth to find my way, so I completely agree to all the changes you offered here except that:

  1. I prefer tab buttons than hamburger menu and I think it is an industry trend(?) because 1) tab buttons are more reachable. I don’t have to stretch my finger to the top to tap it. 2) fewer taps than hamburger menu does.
  2. Spotify already lists user-created playlists on top. The ‘custom’ sort option in the Filter menu is for that. I do think ‘Made by you’ makes more sense.
  3. Very Trivial — I would probably drop the ‘my’ from My Songs, My Library, My Playlist, and My Artists. It is a little repetitive and probably makes skimming slower (because they all start with the same word)

Again, great job. Hope to see more case studies like yours.

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