What is Web Hosting & how it works?

What is Web Hosting or Website Hosting?

In simple terms, we say host who serve the guests and make them comfortable and compatible. Here Also web hosting is something that makes your web page/connect comfortable and compatible so that it can be visible on internet. You have your content and your domain with you but how would you use these to be on internet/online. Here comes Web Hosting, it is a hosting service that make website visible, reachable and accessible over internet via WWW (World Wide Web). This hosting is provided by Traitsys Technologies Pvt Ltd or you may say your ‘Web Hosts’. We provide space on a server which may be owned or rented/leased to use by our clients. Along with that we provide internet connectivity in a data center (co-location).

How Web hosting / Website Hosting Works:

As discussed above a Web Hosting or Website hosting works with a space on a server (own or leased — Dedicated Server, Shared Server or Virtual Server) for our clients usage and also providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. On the other way Web hosting or a Website hosting works through co-location. We provide data center space and network connectivity to the Servers on internet whether they don’t own located in their data center (co-location) through WWW (World Wide Web).

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