Tramadol For Dogs

Tramadol is a pain relieving medicine which alters the reaction of brain towards the sensation of pain. Tramadol does not affect the area of pain directly like Rimadyl or other NSAIDs, rather, it alters the feeling towards the pain. This is done by binding mu-opioid receptors and blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin inside the brain.

Dogs who have had a surgery to cure pain are mostly prescribed tramadol. Veterinary doctors may also prescribe tramadol for treating moderate to severe pain. Tramadol treats both short-term and long-term pains. However, in some cases tramadol alone cannot treat pain in dogs. It has to be used with other drugs.

Dosage for Dogs

Tramadol is not an ordinary painkiller. It is a prescribed medicine which may result in serious and harmful side-effects if not used with precautions. So it is very important to get complete knowledge about Tramadol before giving it to your beloved pet.

The standard dosage for dogs is 0.5 mg per lb to 1.8 mg per lb to be taken orally every 8 to 12 hours. However, the dosage may vary according to the level of pain and weight of dog.

Tramadol Er can be given to and consumed by humans but it is not good for dogs. Due to smaller digestive tracts than human beings, dogs cannot digest at all or often partially digest tramadol.

Tramadol may be injected into the bloodstream directly (intravenously ) or under the skin (subcutaneously ) if quicker relief is required. Both of them are effective and provide equal relief but Intravenous injection provides faster relief.


Tolerance towards tramadol is possible in dogs. Sometimes if a person in giving tramadol to a dog it is possible that the pet may become tolerant toward the drug. In this case another NSAID may be prescribed by the veterinary doctor along with tramadol.

Safety Issues and Guidelines

Tramadol is usually a better option than Rimadyl or other NSAID drugs for dogs. However it can cause serious damage to the animal is misused or abused but its proper and disciplined us does miracle.

Tramadol should never be given to dogs who have-

⦁ liver disease

⦁ kidney disease

⦁ poor lung function

⦁ seizure disorders

⦁ pregnant dogs

⦁ dogs who have been given given MAOIs including preventic tick collars or SSRI

Tramadol is NOT a better option for pains caused due to osteoarthritis . Rimadyl should be given to the dog in such case.

In some rare cases, dogs may start behaving absurdly or in a bad manner. Increased heartbeat or breathing problems may arise after the use of Tramadol. In such cases, the dog should be rushed to the veterinary doctor without delay. Overdose of Tramadol is highly risky and should be strictly avoided.


Apart from pain, Tramadol can also treat a number of problems in dogs :

⦁ Anxiety

⦁ Coughing

⦁ Sometimes Arthritis

⦁ Canine Degenerative Myelopathy

Tramadol Side Effects

Tramadol is a safe and dog-friendly medicine. However its misuse and improper use can cause side effects even in healthy dogs. Following are the side effects associated with Tramadol in dogs:

Common Side effects

⦁ Nausea

⦁ Vomiting

⦁ Constriction in pupils

⦁ decrease in appetite

⦁ stomach upset

⦁ Slow heart rate

⦁ Constipation

⦁ Drowsiness and dizziness

⦁ Anxiety

⦁ Panting and heaviness

Rare side effects

⦁ Diarrhea

⦁ Itching and spots

⦁ Rashes

⦁ Increased heart rate

⦁ Blurred vision

⦁ Seizures and shocks

⦁ Dizziness and numbness

⦁ Weakness

⦁ Fainting


Overdose of any medicine is harmful. Tramadol cannot avoid this case. Therefore it should be taken care of that your dog is never overdosed in any circumstances as it may prove fatal. Reduced respiration, panting, heavy breathing are the first signs of overdose. They are followed by reduced breathing and chest movement. Gradually it leads to 1 inhalation per 10 secs. Sleepiness and lethargy is caused which often leads to coma. Overdose of Tramadol can also cause heart attack and even death.

⦁ Sleepiness

⦁ Excessive saliva

⦁ week limb or inability to walk

⦁ depressed respiration

⦁ unconsciousness

⦁ Cardiac arrest

⦁ Seizures

⦁ Vomiting and puking

Consult your veterinary doctor immediately if any of the overdose symptoms or side effects are visible in your dog.

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