What is Tramadol Addiction?

Natural opiates are extracted by processing the “milk” that is dried up by the opium poppy pants. Synthetic opiates, on the contrary, are prepared in laboratories to form a product that has the exactly similar chemical structure. The group of all kinds of pain killing drugs is called opioid and both the natural as well as the synthetic forms of opiates are included in this group that alleviates the symptoms of uneasiness and problems associated with pain.

Tramadol is synthetic in nature, that is, it is a synthetic opiate or analgesic pain killer. Tramadol is given approval of consumption by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of severe and also of moderate pain in adult patients. The analgesics such as Tramadol work by binding themselves to the receptors throughout the gastrointestinal systems and the central nervous system. Tramadol eliminates or weakens the sensation of pain and agony that is signalled by the brain.

As per the statements given by the DEA, the chemical name of Tramadol is 2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-1-(3-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexanol. The trade name of Tramadol is also stated by the DEA and it is Ultram. According to the general prescription, Tramadol is to swallowed, orally in a complete pill form, and the dosage should be 50 mg or 100 mg per 4 to 6 hours or as required. If any person exceeds the dosage of 400 mg ( which is the maximum authorized dosage of Tramadol), he will be termed as an abuser of Tramadol. the United States Drug Enforcement Administration mentioned Tramadol as a controlled drug due to its abusive nature under the Schedule IV classification for controlled substances

The signs indicating Tramadol addiction-

The victim develops cravings if the drug is absent.

The victim of Tramadol addiction develops tolerance effects and begins requiring bigger and higher doses of the drug to acquire the same amount of relief.

Non- medical use of Tramadol is performed.

The use of the drug becomes uncontrollable.

The victim takes the medicine continually irrespective of the physical and psychological harm it causes.

There are certain behaviors associated with drug addicts. For an instance, losing or misplacing prescriptions constantly, arriving extremely late at clinics, mostly at the end of the business hours, not cooperating during medical examinations and playing with or tampering with one’s own medical prescriptions and records.

Failing in the school, workplace and household performances.

The victim also cuts off from the friends and family members and likes to live in isolation (in the company of drugs).

The side effects of Tramadol addiction are-

Decreased rate of breathing

Weak immune system

Increased risks of infectious and contagious diseases






Heavy drowsiness

vein collapsing and clogged blood vessels


Treatment of Tramadol addiction-

There are several Treatment centers that run and managed all over the world to cure drug addicts and help them lead a normal life once again. Some of them are-

Inpatient treatment centers: They offer round-the-clock monitoring and intensive care to the drug patients for 26 days or more.

Outpatient programs: They allow the patients to continue to live at their homes while regularly attending therapy sessions a couple of days or evenings per week.

Peer recovery organizations for example SMART Recovery, Life Ring Secular Recovery, and 12-step groups. They provide a forum for patients in recovery to share their stories and experiences and provide support to one another.

Tramadol addiction is a serious threat to the society. However it’s managed and organised use helps a person in improving his state of pain. On the other hand, Tramadol’s misuse can take away the life of a person. Therefore, use the medicine wisely.

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